Property Transfers for Aug. 15

August 15, 2004


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Denise Curtsinger include:

Robert and Lola McCormack to John and Hildreth Whitt, lot along Chaplain River in Perryville, $16,500.

Paulette and Billy Hargis Sr. to Monica and Daniel Kenyon Jr., lot on Smith Street, $62,500.

Dwight Williams to Chandra B. Pinkston, lot in Junction City, $78,500.

Ken-Cal Ranches Inc. to Linco Properties LLC, lot on North Third Street, $94,500.

Martina Cinnamon to Jerry and Teresa Johnson, lot in Ridgefield subdivision, $105,000.

R.A. and Martha Chinn to Wendy D. Weger, lot in Castlerock subdivision, $102,500.

Aldean Durham and others to Christopher and Misty Stratton, lot on Lucas Street in Junction City, $61,000.

Brenda Ford to Chester and Kimberly Ford, lot on Cowan Street, $67,700.


Donald and Deborah Strunk to John and Ruth Kalk, lot in Colonial Heights, $202,500.

James and Debra McGough to Dwight D. Simpson, lot on Baker Lane, $65,995.

William and Delinda Courtwright to Stanley and Karen Caswell, lot in St. Michael's Crossing, $218,000.

Juanita and Talbert Turner to Tammy M. Sweazy, lot on Kings Mill Road, $85,000.

Coulter Family LLC to John and Amanda Pennock, lot in Wandering Hills subdivision, $155,000.

Eddie Burton to Kruer & Kruer Rentals LLC, lot on High Street, $30,000.

Mark and Julia Dexter to Bryan and Cary Sexton, lot in High Street, $65,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

David N. and Georganna Cundiff to Donovan C. Hamm and Amy Jo Brown, property on Segal Wesley Boulevard, $78,000.

Elberidge Brown, Robert and Rose Brown, Martha and Thomas Brown and Nancy Wethington to Matthew S. Hicks, 101 acres in the county, $70,000.

Vanessa and Gary Porter to Jason E. Tackett, lot on Chicken Gizzard Ridge, $25,000.

Edward Taylor to Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers, 10 acres on Ky. 15478 on McFarland Ridge, $26,000.

Lynne J. Chamberland to Gene and Della Cornett, 6.59 acres on Bee Lee Road, $20,000.

Greg Goode to Barron Goode, one-third interest in two tracts on Linnie-Rheber Road, $22,000.

Terri Cochran to Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers, property in the county, $14,500.

Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers to Phyllis G. Reese, 10 acres on Ky. 1547 and McFarland Ridge, $38,000.

Don and Josephine Ware to Don Ware, property on Rock Lick Creek, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.

Gerald and Linda Rousey to Lanna Bryant, tract in the county, $5,000.

Miles G. Roberts Inc. to Shannon Luttrell and Casey Statham, 2.57 acres on U.S. 127, $10,700.

Betty G. and James R. Augustine to Gregory L. and Virginia K. Means and Barry W. Means, one-half interest in property on Poplar Springs-Contown Road, $6,000.

Betty G. and James R. Augustine to Gregory L. and Virginia K. Means, property on Poplar Springs-Contown Road, $6,000.

Matthew E. Periolat and Mary J. Periolat to Mary J. Periolat, 22.26 acres on Ky. 243, gift; fair cash value, $86,000.

Mary J. Periolat to Mary J. Periolat and Matthew E. Periolat, 22.26 acres on Ky. 243, gift; fair cash value, $86,000.

New Century Mortgage Corp. and Lavonne Meece, through Donald Thomas, master commissioner, to U.S. Bank National Association, 22 acres on East Fork Creek, $45,100.

Marion and Evelyn Rousey to Ronald Maddox, tract on Maxey's Valley Road, $7,000.

Donnie Grider Inc. to David and Valerie Sanders, 1.7292 acres on Bryant Ridge Road, $12,000.

Linda Smith to Ezekiel J. and Debra L. Smith, property on Hustonville Street, $25,000.

Liberty Economic Development Corp. to Casey Fiscal Court, 159.745 acres on U.S. 127 South and Green River, $159,250.

Michael and Sheila Long to Betty Johnson, lot in Cowden View subdivision, $7,000.

Delas and Janet Earles to Jay S. and Jennifer M. Campbell, 39.34 acres on Knob Lick Creek, Mount Olive community, $149,900.

Bennie R. and Mary E. Lawhorn to Greg J. Goode and Joyce Grimes, property on Scarbert Branch and Salem Road, $90,000.

Linda McKinney to Roger D. Roy, property on Woods Creek Road, $113,000.

Stanley L. and Kimberly Murphy and Lyndon and Vallie J. Murphy to Lyndon and Vallie J. Murphy, 45 acres on East Casey Creek, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Stacy May include:

Federal National Mortgage Association to Hughie Allen and Preston Debord, 1.442 acres at 2051 Mount Hebron Road, $65,200.

Gray Wing LLC to William and Tiffany Hannah, lot in Ridge Crest Estates in Buena Vista area, $143,000.

Willa D. and Walter E. Pitzer to Mark A. Pitzer, three tracts on Sugar Creek, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.

Ewell Hembree and Judy Anglin to Edward Anglin and Joyce Turner, lot in Chris Hill subdivision, Paint Lick, $16,000.

Steve Cottingham to Gerald Grubbs and David Grubbs, lot in River Run subdivision, $19,000.

Mildred Manuel to Daryl and Beth Woodrum, 2.008 acres of Mildred Manuel tract, gift; fair cash value, $8,000.

David E. and Shana L. Friley to Kathryn and John Conley, five acres off Paper Mill Road, $69,000.

Donnie and Phyllis Lane to Tamma and William T. Adkins Jr., lot in Cades Cove, $130,800.

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