Vaught's Views: 'Title Town Talk' to start this Thursday

August 15, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

There's always a lot of talk about football in Title Town, but now there is going to be an official place for "Title Town Talk."

That's the name of the new weekly radio show on WHIR-AM (1230) starting Thursday featuring radio personality Charlie Perry and me. We'll do the show live from Arby's for the next 17 weeks.

Yes, that's 11 weeks for 10 regular-season games and one bye week, five weeks of the playoffs and one week to wrap up what could be another Title Town celebration at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in December.

The show's format is not complicated. We are going to be talking high school football with the emphasis on Boyle County, which has won five straight state titles, and Danville, which has won three titles in the last four years and 10 overall.


We'll certainly deal with other area high school teams and their top players. But "Title Town Talk" is going to make Danville and Boyle football a priority.

We want you to be part of the show, too. Come by Arby's and join the show. Give us a call and let us know what you think about past or upcoming games or anything else you might have on your mind.

We're going to have lots of help

Former Kentucky lineman Dave Hopewell has also agreed to occasionally offer his analysis. We'll also have other special guests on the show. Count on us having country music singer Eddie Montgomery on whenever he's in town, because he's been telling me for two years that we ought to have this kind of show.

Depending on practice schedules, we hope to have coaches Chuck Smith of Boyle and Sam Harp of Danville on the show frequently. However, we also want to hear what their assistant coaches have to say, and we are going to have as many players on the air with us as possible.

Think of all the marquee games we'll have to talk about as the teams start their state championship quests.

"I think this is great for area high school football," Harp said. "Anything that promotes our players can only help our programs, and with all the interest in high school football here, this show is a natural."

Perry certainly believes so. He's the one that put Arby's, The Advocate-Messenger and Hometown Radio together in this unique sponsorship to provide even more high school football coverage.

Every Boyle and Danville game is on radio, and certainly we try not to miss anything with our high school coverage here. But this show is also to give you a chance to add your input to the high school football scene.

It doesn't matter if you're a Danville or Boyle fan

It doesn't matter if you are a Danville fan or Boyle fan. Maybe you are that unique person who truly is a fan of both teams. Maybe you are not a fan of either team - even though that certainly would be a rarity in Title Town. But your views not only are welcomed on "Title Town Talk," they are needed.

"We want this to be fun and informative for everyone. We want fans to feel comfortable to participate. 'Title Town Talk' is a show for everyone," Perry said.

High school football is a big deal here. University of Kentucky coach Rich Brooks will be at Danville Country Club tonight to speak at the Bob Allen Pigskin Classic dinner along with Tom Leach, the play-by-play voice of the UK radio network, as well as various other media members and sponsors from Arby's, PBK Bank and Pepsi-Cola to set the stage for Saturday's bowl games at Admiral Stadium.

Boyle opens the season Saturday at Lexington Catholic in a game that will be televised by WKYT-TV. The following week Boyle plays Henry Clay at Commonwealth Stadium.

Then there is the annual Danville-Boyle showdown Sept. 3, which again will draw one of the state's biggest, and most intense, crowds.

And that's just what is happening the first three weeks of the season. After that there will be Boyle-Highlands and Danville-Highlands games.

The only problem we might have with "Title Town Talk" is limiting it to one hour, because with what the Rebels and Admirals have done and hope to do again this year, there's always going to be plenty to talk about in Title Town.

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