Net Xpress: Local ISPs offer services that enhance users' Web experiences

August 16, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

All of our local ISPs offer accelerated Internet access services that are designed to boost your Web experience five times faster than a regular 56K dial-up connection. Here is a quick rundown of the offerings available:

* Clay's ISP - Fastnet: Subscribers can download the software from the ISP's home page at Just click on the Fastnet logo near the bottom of the page. The cost is $3 extra per month.

Note: Clay's ISP has moved its location to 506 S. Fourth St., inside Kids Alley.

* Searnet - XL Accelerator : Subscribers can sign up to have this feature added to their current service for free. To sign up, go to

* SeTel -Turbo Web Accelerator: Subscribers can have a free, seven-day trial of this add-on feature. Afterwards, this feature is $3.95 per month in addition to the regular ISP access charge. Learn more at


* Mikrotec - Propel Accelerator Mikrotec Edition: Subscribers have three levels of service to choose from:

Super Fast Promotion - Get the first month for $9.95 at signup, second month for $9.95 and third month for $17.95. Free Super Fast for six months and after six months it costs an additional $2.95 per month.

Mikrotec Super Fast is $20.90 for the initial charge and $20.90 per month thereafter.

Mikrotec Super Fast with a year contract costs $23.90 initial charge and $18.90 per month thereafter. A contract will be mailed to address used in signup.

Security flaw alert

A critical security flaw has been found in AOL Instant Messenger. An attacker can gain control of a computer user's system when the user has the AIM client set on the "Away" message. The flaw affects AIM clients including 5.5.3595 and others. AOL suggests that all AIM users update their systems to the latest version, which can be downloaded at Learn more here and here.

Net buzzz

* "The Spot," an online soap opera, has come back to life. The serial is much like the reality TV shows of today, with the exception that "The Spot" characters are actors and the storyline is a script. The serial is interactive and participation comes via two mediums, the Net and cellular phones. Learn more about "The Spot" at

* Yahoo and Google, two top search engine services, have finally settled their patent disputes with the exchange of shares and patent licenses. Read more.

VoIP update

* Packet8, a broadband VoIP phone service, has released a firmware update for its DTA-310 unit. The version 12.39 firmware upgrade will give its users new features, including Call Return (*69), Call Waiting Disable (*70), Anonymous Call Block (*77) and Do Not Disturb (*78). Learn more about Packet8 features at

Currently, Packet8 is the only broadband VoIP phone solution that offers local phone numbers in our five-county coverage area. They have local numbers for Bryantsville and Danville.

* J&R Music and Computer World is running a Packet8 promotion featuring its Freedom Unlimited service for $59.88. The price includes free activation (regularly $29.95), the first two months of service free of charge (regularly $19.95 per month), and free UPS ground shipping. Learn more here and here.

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