Judge hikes amount Hill must pay for embezzling

August 17, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

STANFORD - Elizabeth Hill didn't make several $200 payments towards the $238,942 she embezzled from the Lincoln County Industrial Authority, so a judge here raised the monthly payback Monday to $500.

She told the court that with four children to raise it was difficult to make the payments, but that she had always caught up the following month. She works at a used car lot in Danville that is owned, in part, by her husband.

Judge Robert Gillum asked her what happened to the money she had taken.

"She lived a high life," Commonwealth Attorney Eddy Montgomery said.

"I had a gambling problem," Hill said.

Hill, dressed in black slacks and a light-blue sweater set, stood with her back to the media, who were sitting in the jury box. She said, outside the courtroom, that the publicity had been hard on her children.

Hill had been sentenced to 10 years for taking the money when she pleaded guilty in 2003. A Lincoln County Circuit Judge had granted her shock probation, and required her to make $200-a-month payments towards the debt. Shock probation is a type of early parole granted to inmates who judges believe have been "shocked" by jail and won't return to a life of crime.


Montgomery argued that the payments were too low, and that she should be ordered to make a "dent" in the debt in her lifetime. At $200 a month Hill would be 161 when the debt was paid up.

Gillum agreed and set the payments at $500, and told her if she missed a payment she could be sent back to serve out the rest of her 10-year sentence.

"Ten years is ten years, and then you won't have to pay anything," he said.

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