Junction City Elementary making progress

August 18, 2004

Dear Editor:

On behalf of staff members at Junction City Elementary School (JCES), I want to briefly note what we are doing to help students in our efforts to comply with No Child Left Behind. Although The Advocate-Messenger listed JCES as a school not making Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) this year, we did successfully meet eight of the nine goals necessary to meet AYP.

We are making progress and anticipate being able to meet our goals. Over time, the many changes that have already been implemented should result in students reaching proficiency.

JCES has begun its fourth year of a standards-based literacy initiative. The positive results from the initiative over the past three years can be seen in student work. Expectations for each grade have increased, and the quality of student work has improved.


A Reading First Grant for the next five years will enable us to continue the emphasis on literacy, deepening the level of implementation, individualizing more to meet children's needs, and focusing on those students who continue to struggle. Along with the Reading First Grant comes a commitment from our staff to participate each year in 80 hours of professional development. This grant provides the resources to really make a difference in what we are doing with our students.

Additionally, other changes are helping us to meet our student needs. Teachers are specializing in content areas in grades three, four and five. Our third and fourth grade teachers are looping, keeping the same students for two years. And our school was just awarded an After School grant, so we can continue to keep our doors open for our students until 6 p.m. daily. Besides offering a safe place for our students after school, this program is a vital safety net for our students, offering homework help and classes that support the core content

We take teaching and learning very seriously. You won't find a more committed staff than those serving at JCES. We believe we have what it takes to move our students to proficiency.

We welcome anyone to visit Junction City Elementary to see the outstanding work taking place in our classrooms.

Barbara Morris


Junction City Elementary School

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