Bowmer will miss her Casey school family

August 20, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

Rosina Bowmer has officially retired from the Kentucky Tech Casey County Vocational School, but she still gets calls from the school when a problem arises. During this interview, a call came in about where to find toner for the copier.

"I've been out there two or three times already," said Bowmer.

But that does not bother Bowmer, who thinks of her co-workers at school as family.

"It''s a good group," she said. "I had a hard time leaving ... but as I close this chapter, I expect another to open."

Her co-workers apparently wanted her to stay. As she arrived for a retirement party at a co-worker's house, a sign stated: "Rosie please don't retire."

Besides a diamond necklace and bracelet from her friends, she got a Hawaiian hat, grass skirt and lei.

She said the new principal David Horseman, who replaced John Shugars, who also retired, will move the school forward.


Bowmer's replacement is Nicole Land, who grew up in Casey County, and has gained experience at the technical school in Russell County.

During her almost 32 years at the school, Bowmer has worked for three principals: Phillip Dillon, Shugars and a few days with Horseman.

With that career over, Bowmer looks forward to a new one with fewer hours and also time to spend with her family.

She does not actually feel like she's retired. She still wakes up at 7 a.m. each day. She hasn't stopped since she left school.

After Bowmer's last day at school, she began to prepare for the weeklong U.S. 127 Yard Sale to get rid of some unwanted stuff around the house, and to go full force with her Avon sales.

She's been a Avon representative for 22 years

The 53-year-old Bowmer has been a part-time Avon representative for the past 22 years. She said somewhere along the way, the sales job turned into a full-time job. Working after school and sometimes until midnight to get orders filled, she had to depend on her husband, Larry, to help with dinner and some other household chores.

"Now I can have more time for my customers," she said.

She also plans to spend more time with her family as she joins her husband, Larry, who retired a few years ago from his police chief duties, and now serves on the City Council.

More time with her 80-year-old mother, Helen Goforth, is planned, and she is looking forward to another generation of the Bowmers.

"I may baby-sit part-time, too," she said.

The Bowmers expect their first grandchild in October. Their son, Justin and his wife, Natasha, will deliver that grandchild. Another son, Aaron, operates an Internet card business at home.

As the days go by, Bowmer keeps in mind that she's "got to do something productive each day." She and her husband may take a few trips this fall, and they hope to do more traveling in the spring.

She also walks or rides a bike each day to keep fit, an exercise she's practiced for the past 20 years. But whatever she does, her thoughts will go back to the place where she spend more than 30 years of her life.

"The school was a good place to work. It was all teamwork, and work for the kids," Bowmer said.

"I look back to the Tech Center with appreciation and gratitude. I'm enthused with the replacements as they move the school forward."

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