Inquiry made about possible site for adult entertainment store in Garrard

August 20, 2004|EMILY BURTON

LANCASTER - Rumors are circulating in Garrard County this week that an unknown party is looking to open an adult entertainment store. Those rumors have a basis in truth, said Lincoln County Planning and Zoning attorney Daryl Day, who was first approached about a store in his county.

"Somebody contacted me about possibly acquiring land for that," similar to what Larry Flynt is doing in Lexington, said Day. Day advised them that the county, through establishing planning and zoning, had been zoned agricultural and it would be difficult to get a zone change for such a business.

The caller, who declined to give his or her name at that time, asked Day if he knew of any land in the north end of the Garrard County, possibly near where the new U.S. 27 will run.

There are a few lots up there available for businesses, said Lancaster Realtor Danny Irvin, but most of the land for sale there is residential. However, with no zoning laws to regulate land use, the land owners themselves would have to choose to restrict the use of their property for sale.


"Planning and zoning prevents a lot of stuff that people don't want in their community anyway," said Day.

The offer to buy land has not circulated far throughout Garrard County.

"First I've heard of it," County Attorney Jeff Moss said Thursday. But the county's current vulnerability to waste dumps and pornography stores is "one of the things we talked about during discussions relating to planning. That's one of the things that could come up," Moss said.

Apparently, it already has.

"There's nothing that would stop them from a zoning perspective, but I can't tell you if there's some type of anti- obscenity ordinance," said John Allread of the Bluegrass Area Development District in Lexington.

The caller that Day talked to apparently was looking to set up shop between Lexington and Somerset. Of Garrard's neighbors, only Rockcastle County has not established countywide planning.

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