Bartleson's company buys land across from Hilldale Cemetery

August 20, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Norman Bartleson, acting as an agent for Elite Development Enterprises, LLC, has bought just under one acre that sits across the street from Hilldale Cemetery.

His company paid $10,000 to Sam and Mary Meaux for the land. The Meauxs declined to comment about the sale.

Bartleson is the agent for Elite, which was formed on June 28. The office listed is 460 S. Fourth St., and that building appears to still be empty.

Bartleson has not returned phone calls made to his home about the deed.

He has met with Danville City Commission, trying to make a deal for three acres of city land that historically has been reserved for Hilldale Cemetery expansion.

Commissioners had been discussing the potential sale in executive session, but voted earlier this month to only talk about the sale in public.


Bartleson has told the newspaper that his company plans to build $80,000 -$90,000 homes on Duncan Hill, which he calls a beautiful area. He denies having said the street needed to be cleaned up. Bartleson said that he was upset by recent controversies surrounding the potential land deal with the city.

Resident Kerry Kenley and others are against the city selling the cemetery expansion property, and want to see it remain a cemetery.

Bartleson has said that the cemetery has rock ledges, and wouldn't be suitable. He has also said that he is interested in other pieces of property on Duncan Hill to develop.

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