Conservatives still cling to same old formula

August 22, 2004

Dear Editor:

A recent letter about gun owners rights and the so-called "progressive movement to disarm Americans" shows that the conservatives still cling to the same old formula every four years.

No one is going to take away Americans' right to keep and bear arms. I have guns myself and if someone would like to call me liberal, then that's fine with me.

The conservatives bring up the same old ridiculous garb every election. I think it's funny that they would use our founding fathers and the Constitution as an example to assure their guarantee to keep arms but ignore that our founding fathers and the Constitution also founded our country on separation of church and state.


I believe every individual is entitled to the pursuit of happiness and that whatever makes one happy in life is all that matters. There are far more important issues facing our country this election year than conservatives throwing up the old gun-control issue.

Conservatives should remember that it was James Brady, a member of President Ronald Reagan's administration, who sought a waiting period on handguns after being wounded in the assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. I don't think anyone's been harmed by the waiting period. I know I haven't.

I believe that the United States can do better than we have for the last four years. That's why I will vote for John Kerry for president and, hopefully, this time America's voice will be heard.

Ken Griffin


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