People: Danville sisters selected as film extras


Cindi Woolum of Danville thought it was a joke when a representative of Paramount Pictures called. She checked her phone ID, and it read "Paramount Pictures." She was stunned.

The production company representative told her that her daughters, Emily, 14, and Amy, 10, had been chosen as extras for the film "Elizabethtown," starring Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin.

"Over 7,000 applied (to be in the film)," Cindi Woolum said.

Added Emily, "Four hundred were picked as extras."

Cindi Woolum said she had sent in head shots and forms about her daughters. "But I never thought I would hear anything."

Emily said the movie, directed by Cameron Crowe, was filmed in Woodford County, which was made to look like Elizabethtown, in Hardin County.


"There's a big sign that says, 'Welcome to Elizabethtown.'"

Added Amy, "There was an Elizabethtown Christian Church (in Woodford County)."

Emily said the filmmakers liked Versailles and the surrounding facilities and areas in Woodford County.

"They really liked the setting, the stores on Main Street."

Noted Amy, "They liked the streets. ... They took Versailles and changed it to Elizabethtown. It was neat the way they did it."

A glimpse of Bloom

Even better was getting a glimpse of Bloom, which both girls say was the highlight of the day, July 14, when they were there for the filming.

"When we had a break, they were filming the street in front of us," said Emily. "We could sit and talk. Then a (car) went by, followed by police cars. The first time, there was no Orlando Bloom. But the second time, there was Orlando Bloom. ... I got a picture of him in the car."

Emily said she asked one of the three Bloom stunt doubles if he was the one in the car.

"He said he hadn't been in a car all day," she added.

Amy agreed with her sister.

"The most exciting part was seeing Orlando Bloom in the car. ... It was the most coolest thing ever."

Crew people told her it was a stunt double in the car, "but it was Orlando Bloom the whole time," Amy raved.

Emily said the movie is set in present day, while Amy added that it's about Bloom, whose father dies and who is trying to find his way to the funeral. Emily explained that Bloom and Biel break up - part of the movie filmed in California - and Bloom gets depressed. Then he flies home for his father's funeral.

"He has not been back to town in so long, but his father always talked about him," said Cindi Woolum.

Added Emily, "Everyone knows him."

Said Cindi Woolum, "Then he meets up with Kirsten Dunst."

Noted Emily, "And they fall in love."

Emily clarified that as Bloom comes into the town of the movie, there are two streets on which he travels. The crew would film on one street, circle around and film that street again. Then it would move to the second street for filming. She estimated there were 25 to 30 people on the Woolums' film set street, sitting on lawns and porches.

Her job was to jump on trampoline

Amy said all she did during filming was jump on a trampoline and laugh.

"I wanted to put a little bit of sound effects in."

Added Emily, "There were three trampoline people - me, Amy and Paige (they don't remember Paige's last name). When the car got down the street, I would take my shoe off and turn and look.

Noted Amy, "Only me and Paige waved."

All of this is in the first third of the movie, Emily estimates.

Said Amy, "It's gonna be cool when we get into the movie and have the DVD."

Their mom added that their names should be in the credits at the end of the film.

Cindi Woolum was impressed with how Crowe treated the young extras on the set.

"I've never been around filming," she explained. "Cameron Crowe treated all the kids like stars. ... There were cooks there on site and they would cook anything the kids wanted. He spared no expense. People were passing out fruit and water (for the actors).

"It was like they were a movie star for a day. They (the crew) were really nice. It'll probably be a big movie. Cameron Crowe said he was so delighted with the warmth of the people of Kentucky" that he would look into filming other motion pictures in the Bluegrass State.

Emily said she had the opportunity to talk to Crowe.

"He was extremely nice," she noted. "He was talking to people, and I had a camera and took his picture. He talked to us about how our day was going."

The hardest part of the day, Emily and Amy both say, was sitting in the heat. Amy said, "But we got to go get watermelon and cookies and snacks."

Added Emily, "And we were transported in vans all day."

It was a long day of filming. They had to be at the set by 7 a.m. and didn't leave until 4:30 p.m. And for that long day, Emily and Amy each got a check in the mail. They say, "Your employer is Paramount Pictures." The girls are reluctant to cash them, their mom says.

"I had no idea they even got paid."

Amy said she would like to be involved with other films, but she'll have to juggle soccer, basketball, softball, and probably gymnastics as well as film work. Emily agreed with her sister, but she, too, will have some juggling to do - she plays soccer and softball and has been in practice for the former all summer.

"I really liked it," Emily said of the process. "It's not every day you see a movie star five feet away from you."

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