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August 23, 2004

Dr. Hugh Murray, the ophthalmologist, has decided to extend his practice into several neighboring towns that need an optician. He will visit Lebanon, Stanford, Lancaster, Hustonville and Lawrenceburg and has received much encouragement.

Charles B. Chatham of Harrodsburg, son of jailer D.B. Chatham of Mercer County, has been appointed manager of the East Tennessee Telephone Co.'s exchange. He will succeed George Bennett, who transferred to Eminence. Chatham has many friends in Danville who will be glad to learn of his promotion. He is a former member of Centre College's baseball team.

A 12-year-old boy from Alum Springs was seriously injured in a dog attack. He said that an older crowd of boys set the dog on him and ran away. The boy's parents probably will swear out a warrant for the boys.

Manager Henry Silliman of the Manhattan Bowling Alleys will install an up-to-date lunch counter. He will close the alleys for a short time while he makes the installation. This will be a good addition as a hot lunch at 8 p.m. has been something unheard of in Danville for several years. Silliman plans to keep the counter open until midnight.


Advertisements included a good, eight-room brick house and 10 acres of land in the city limits for $25 a month. Another person wanted to buy a piece of land for about $3,500.

75 years ago - 1929

The Perryville Women's Club will hold a celebration and reunion of old soldiers on the battlefield for the 67th anniversary of the event. Gov. Flem D. Sampson and Ralph Gilbert of Shelbyville, who succeeded in having Congress give $5,000 for a Union marker on the grounds, will be speakers. With the $5,000 state appropriate secured by Sen. W.V. Richardson and Rep. J. Curtis Alcock, many improvements have been made on the grounds. A large crowd is expected for the celebration.

Ralph E. Ellis, former owner of the Third Street barber shop, has purchased the Fleming Beauty Shop on South Third Street. He plans to install additional chairs and call it the Ellis Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Fleming will stay and work for Ellis.

William Doan, William Siegal and V. Underwood, who recently purchased the grocery store of J.W. Walker on the corner of Fourth and Walnut streets, offered a prize of $10 in gold to the person sending in the most desirable name for the store. Mrs. C.M. Whiddon of Shakertown Pike has won the money by suggesting The Home Grocery.

In competition with 19 teams, Parksville won first place in the livestock judging contest at the Blue Grass Fair at Lexington. The team received $8 for being first. The members of the winning team were William Cash, Jack Tucker and Harvey Webb with Vernon Hatfield as an alternative. The team was coached by George C. Letton, Parksville agricultural teacher.

Coach Rice Mountjoy issued uniforms to the candidates for the 1929 football team of the Danville Admirals. They will leave for a week of training at a camp at Brooklyn Bridge on the Kentucky River. Coach Mountjoy has indicated that the boys who do not make the camp will have a poor chance of making the team. About 35 boys will make the trip.

John Wisner, a conductor for the Southern Railway, and his brother, Robert Wisner of Oakland, Calif., met for the first time in 30 years when Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wisner arrived from California for a visit. The boys were left orphans in New York City when Robert was 11 and John was 5. They lived with their sister on 42nd Street for 11 years until they moved to Rockford, Ill. Then Robert went out West and John came to Kentucky. Four years ago, John wrote to the county court clerk in Rockford and started a successful search.

50 years ago - 1954

The mayors of Danville, Junction City and Perryville tried their hand at milking in the rural-urban Kiwanis meeting at Kentucky State Hospital. Terry "Itchy Digits" Griffin of Danville, Arthur "Six Fingers" Coyle of Perryville and Dan "Cold Hands" Montgomery of Junction City competed with Coyle winning. He extracted 7.8 pounds in two minutes of milking.

Steps were taken to organize a new bank in Danville. The Danville Bank and Trust Co. will be located in a new building to be erected on West Main Street across from the Danville post office and next door to city hall. Dr. Charles W. Caldwell Jr. and Joe Marshall have purchased the real estate from Joe Davis and Arnold Gregory for $54,000. The area now is occupied by a large garage building on Main Street and the old livery stable on Fourth Street.

A series of break-ins that have occurred for two months at the Danville Sports-Drome in Shelby City was solved with the rounding up of 21 boys between the ages of 10 and 16. Deputy Sheriffs Howard Overstreet and Jimmy Randolph made the arrests. Acting on a tip from one younger, the deputies spent the entire morning traveling from house to house and boy to boy as one youthful offender tattled on another. Items taken in the break-ins were wieners, ice cream and cigars.

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