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August 24, 2004

Garrard County's Betty Barker sits on her porch reading The Advocate Messenger with her dog, Gabi, at her side. Every now and then, Betty calls out asking her son, Glendan, and others helping harvest the tobacco crop, if they need anything to drink. She says that it's just what a mom would do. She tries to do her best to keep the spirits up of those helping with the crop, usually family and friends.

Meanwhile, after Glendan cuts his first row of two acres of tobacco, Tennessee 86 burley, a big grin appears on his face. He wipes back the sweat and begins to describe his love for farming and how he wouldn't have it any other way. Glendan's first memory of tobacco is of his father, Paul Barker. Glendan recalls being in the tobacco fields, helping his father cut and spear the plants. He was 8 at the time.


The rest of the tobacco will be cut Thursday and then housed in the barn behind Betty's house.


Betty Barker looks over the golden color of the tobacco leaves and talks about how much she enjoys looking at her small path of tobacco. She really loves living on the farm.

Glendan Barker helps his mother, Betty, with the over 2 acres of tobacco that they have on her farm on Ham Hill in Garrard County. Tobacco has been a family tradition with the Barker's, Glendan has over 2 acrees of his own. "He's also been milking a calf" He can't and wouldn't have it any other way" While he's dropping sticks with Gunner and Elijah, his sister shows up and he hugs her son ?. Next couple years, he says that he will be moving away from tobacco and work more with his cattle because of the cost?

Gunner Graham,13, of Garrard County wearing a garrard shirt

Elijah Lane,12, white shirt

Glendan, Elijah and Gunner use over 1200 sticks per acree. Gunner is a grandson to Betty.

Glendan has worked at Dondaldson in Nicholasville for 13 years and worked on the farm with calves and tobacco.

He's farmed his whole and states that he is living his dream.

Gena, Braden Grifford

Many of the photos were taken on a highboy.

After Glendan cuts it he puts six a on a stick. He usually will get family to help out, sometimes he will hire some people to help out. He has been cutting tobacco for over twenty years. He was 13 when he started.

Tobacco is a dying art, will get out of it, in a couple years.

Dad would let him and cut and him spear it. he was 8. I always wanting to farm and in your blood-wanted to be like his dad. on same land that they lived at for past 37 years. Dad's name is Paul, passed away in 1998. The family has lived at house for pass 37 years.

Betty Farm is on Ham Hill Rd. in Bryantsville


He then begins to describe the process about 6 on a stick and about when the tobacco is ready to cut. The term 'Six on a stick' is six tobacco plants on a stick after it being cut with the tobacco knife.

Betty Barker looks at the golden color at talks about the height of the leaves and how nice it looks.

A couple days earlier, Glendan works with Elijah and Gunner and teaches them the process of dropping sticks making sure that the placement of sticks is just right.

Betty is sitting on the porch reading the local paper, The Advocate Messenger, in the afternoon sun with her dog(dogs name) at her side, every now and then she will bring water to the ones out in the fields, she's is just doing what many moms will do.

What type of tobacco are you growing. Tennessee 86 Burley

Betty's dog name is Gabi, what kind

Bobby Noe and David Noe(blue shirt)


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