Garrard planning proposal going to Fiscal Court

August 25, 2004|EMILY BURTON

LANCASTER - What was one of the shortest meetings of the Garrard County Planning Commission Tuesday was also possibly one of the most significant. The goals and objectives compiled by commissioners from six public hearings were slightly amended, approved, and are now awaiting presentation to the Fiscal Court.

"I would consider this a necessary, procedural meeting," Chairman Dick Brunson said of the 20-minute session. It was also the shortest, he agreed, and the easiest, he said with a long sigh.

Amendments to the document include changing the word "enforce" to "comply" in the objective, "comply with all building codes to ensure health, safety and welfare of residents."

Added to the document were the words "a variety of" to the objective, "ensure that a variety of affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing is available for all Garrard County residents."


Stricken from the list was the objective, "Allow a variety of types of housing."

Unlike past meetings, only the front row of the courtroom was filled by opponents of countywide planning and they made no comments during the proceedings. Afterward, their frustration at the progress of proposed countywide planning, despite what some call the loud majority opposing it, was apparent.

"I have nothing to say to you," Becky Pschorr told The Advocate-Messenger. She had been the most vocal opponent during past meetings and questioned many points of the list of goals and objectives.

"We're sitting here letting seven people tell us what to do," Billy Conn said Tuesday.

Floyd Pingleton also expressed his frustration with the proceedings, but said opponents would now have to wait for their next outcry. "It's the end until the Fiscal Court meeting," Pingleton said.

They might be the loud opposition, but they are not the overwhelming majority, Planning Commissioner Ron Lamb said afterward. Lamb said he has received about 40 calls from citizens in support of planning and his seat on the commission. The presence of planning supporters in the county was confirmed at last week's commission meeting, when audience members stood and asked the commissioners why they were listening to the opposition as the majority.

Magistrates are expected to review the document during their next regular meeting in the courthouse at 7 p.m. Sept. 13.

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