Twins lead Mercer victory over Garrard

September 03, 2004|JILL ERWIN

HARRODSBURG - Some cosmetic changes have made Marci and Michelle Wilham easier to tell apart off the volleyball court. But on the court, the Mercer County twins play with the same tenacity.

The two were major contributors during Mercer's 24-26, 25-19, 25-18 win over visiting Garrard County Thursday night. It was another step for Mercer (7-4) toward what the Wilhams hope will be a march to the 12th Region Tournament.

"We can definitely win district. I know we can beat Harrodsburg," Michelle said. "We went to region last year, and even though we lost in the first round, I definitely think we can go back and make an impression."

"We're really planning on winning district and at least going to region," Marci said.

The Scotties were leading 22-18 in the first game before Garrard rallied for a 26-24 win. Mercer found itself in a similar situation in each of the next two games, but held on for the win.


Michelle said that has a lot to do with a team that returned everyone from last year.

"With a new coach, we've done a lot more with team unity and I think that's helped a lot," Michelle said.

The Wilhams spend two seasons a year together, as both also play on the Mercer softball team. It used to be hard to tell them apart, but Marci has traded in her eyeglasses for contacts and Michelle has braces.

Their status as twins follows them throughout their athletic careers. Assistant coach Charity Kinneer, who was coaching the team in the absence of coach David Sullivan, said the two can be a bonus or a frustration as twins.

"They're great kids, but sometimes they'll look at each other and they'll miss the ball because each of them will go the opposite way," Kinneer said. "I say, 'Don't you guys have that telekinesis or something?'"

"Everybody asks us that, but we don't," Michelle said. "I wish we did."

Both have powerful serve

One thing both have is a powerful serve. Michelle served for 11 straight points during a crucial stretch of the second game, lifting Mercer from a 7-6 lead to an 18-6 advantage it wouldn't lose.

"Both of them have really great, great serves," Kinneer said. "Not only do they have power, but they're also very consistent."

Michelle said the addition of a second setter to the Mercer lineup has allowed her to improve her serve.

"Last year I was not as consistent," said Michelle, one of Mercer's captains. "I was the only setter, so I set it every single time and I wasn't really worried about serving. This year, I've just practiced more with it."

Marci said the two argue more than they get along on the court, but she said she still enjoys having Michelle around on the court and field. The two are able to avoid major conflicts by playing different positions.

The two have been on the volleyball team since their freshman year and the softball team since seventh grade.

"It feels like we've been here forever, but I'm so glad we're only juniors because we get to come back next year," Marci said. "We're going to be really awesome next year."|

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