Vaught's Views: Why Boyle will win

September 03, 2004

Ten reasons why the Title Town Showdown Friday will turn into a Boyle County victory:

1. Boyle County quarterback Brandon Smith will again dissect Danville's pass defense just like he did to Henry Clay last week when he threw for five touchdowns and like he did in last year's 45-26 win over the Admirals.

2. Boyle's defense, which has allowed three or more touchdowns in two straight games for the first time since midway through the 1998 season, is better than some believe. This week the Rebels will be healthier and will be the deeper, more physical team.

3. The home team can't always lose. The visiting team has won the last three games in this series. The home team is due to win.


4. Danville's Kelvin Turner is one of the state's best backs. But last year the Ads may have had the best pair of backs in the state with Turner and Charles Penix and they still couldn't win. Now Penix is gone.

5. Experience counts in big games and the Rebels have far more players used to this big-game setting than Danville does.

6. Staff writer Jill Erwin has never covered a football game where the Rebels lost. She's assigned to Friday's game.

7. Would you want to be a player on a Chuck Smith-coached team that lost two of its first three games after losing only twice in 75 games the previous five years?

8. Danville has lost to Boyle three of the last four years. Each time it won a state title. The one time it beat the Rebels, it didn't win a state championship. So if the Ads want to add an 11th state title, losing to Boyle seems like a must.

9. If Boyle kicker Adam Dickinson can turn long-time Danville fan Beverly Durham into a Boyle fan (see story below), there's no way the Rebels can lose.

10. Because that was my preseason pick, and life is a lot better when you make the right pick in this game. Make it Boyle 38, Danville 14.

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