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September 06, 2004

E. Flaig and Son have moved their jewelry store from the Weisiger building on the corner of Fourth and Main streets to the building occupied by the Danville Cycle Co. on Main.

The orthodox Jewish people of Danville will celebrate the Jewish New year. H. Lerner and Charles Indorf of Danville probably will go to Lexington to worship because there are no synagogues in this area. It is customary to keep their business houses closed. The Day of Atonement also will be celebrated.

Phil Bernhardt will take charge of the New Benge Hotel and restaurant. He takes the place of Mr. Benge, who is moving to Stanford. Benge was forced to retire because of his health. Bernhardt plans to run an up-to-date cafe such as Danville has never seen.

A society needs to be established for the prevention of cruelty to animals. There are too many cases of cruelty that should be punished. A heavily loaded coal wagon belonging to one of the best-known firms in the city was making a delivery near the courthouse. The driver was trying to force his team of mules to pull the load onto a wet brick sidewalk. The driver gave the mules more than 100 lashes with a whip. He replied that he had orders from his boss to "get after them if they didn't pull."


Eugene Curry of Harrodsburg brought his shoes to the shop of John Tracy, a well-known shoemaker. Curry had to come to Danville to get his shoes half-soled because the owner of the only shoe shop there had sold out to go into the printing business. People there will have to start mending their own shoes if a shop doesn't open there soon.

75 years ago - 1929

Centre College's athletic authorities have set the prices for this fall's football games. Most games will cost $1.50 but some will be $2. The Centre team will play Kentucky-Wesleyan, Morris-Harvey, University of Kentucky, Tennessee freshmen, Transylvania freshmen and Georgetown. The price increased because of the expense of bringing teams to Danville.

Guy M. Jones and Andy Sights were injured when their plane crashed about 100 feet from the ground as they were trying to take off. Jones, who piloted the plane, had come to Danville in a biplane to take passengers on flights over the city. The plane was demolished. The wings were crushed, the motor smashed and the undercarriage torn off. This it the third plane wreck in the county in the last month. One plane had to make a forced landing when a propeller came off.

Judge Charles Hardin of Harrodsburg opened the September term of Boyle Circuit Court by saying that crime is organized in Danville and pleading with the jurors to suppress it. He said that during the past two or three years many murders have happened in the county and liquor contributed to all but one of them. The judge said that many people use liquor at social functions and as long as people of high society tolerate it, the court will be cluttered with bootleggers. For several years there also have been a large number of divorce cases and for September there are 27 couples seeking one.

O.D. Hatchett, who is in the automobile repair business on West Walnut Street, has leased the auto laundry garage from Dunn Brothers on North Third Street. He will continue to do high-pressure oiling and greasing of cars as well as washing and polishing. Joe Dreisler, one of the city's best mechanics, works with Hatchett. Hatchett has leased his building to the Ingram Buick Co. and Buicks will be sold there.

The Moreland High and Graded School will be delayed in opening because three rooms were added. A 14-foot hall has been made in the center of the building and all rooms will open into this hall. Carpenters and painters are working hard to have the building ready in a week.

50 years ago - 1954

John Henry Gray of Danville, who has been the faithful sexton of the historic old First Presbyterian Church at Fifth and Main streets, has produced a replica of the church. He makes pieces of wood and clay in his spare time. The church replica contains small pews, a pulpit and even a minister. Gray, who used only a pocketknife to make it, spent seven months on the project.

Mrs. Joe Murphy Jr., who as Venus Ramey of Waynesburg won the Miss America title in 1944, will have a part in the movie, "The Kentuckian." Some of the movie's scene are being shot in Kentucky. Burt Lancaster, star and director of the movie, indicated that she will have the part of a French girl.

A total of 3,657 students attended opening day classes in the eight schools of the Boyle County system, four in Danville and SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School. At least one play school, two or more private kindergartens, the Kentucky School for the Deaf and Centre College will have opened their doors and admitted another 850 students before the month is over. The county had 1,782 enrolled and the city had 1,790. About 85 are attending the parochial school.

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