City obligated to take proper care of cemetery

September 08, 2004

Dear Editor:

I was very disappointed reading Commissioner Terry Crowley's statement regarding "the cemetery is not profitable for the city."

May I remind those interested in claiming Danville as their home, that Danville is what it is today, partly because of the people who "rest in peace," or are trying to, in Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Ky. My grandparents, Mary and Putney Guerrant, my brother, Buford W. "Woody" Guerrant, Jr., other family members and friends from the past were a part of this little town that has grown to be a proud "city of firsts."

What a heartache it must be for Tillie Sowders, Dee Dee Ransdell, and everyone else, including myself, to even think that our city is turning its back on those who have now become a part of the history of Danville, Ky. As Ms. Ransdell stated, "...there are pieces of my heart buried there." As Ms. Sowders walks through this beautiful, old cemetery past her parents' gravesites, how can she, or anyone, for that matter, feel peace in his heart, knowing that the city commissioners cannot stand firm to preserve one of the few areas in our city that has been a peaceful place for our loved ones to rest.


This generation owes it to past generations buried there to see that this cemetery is maintained, and lovingly cared for. I find it very difficult to understand that when visitors knock on the door of the cemetery office during office hours, they find no one there. As mentioned, this creates a problem, also for people coming from out of town to visit this resting place.

How many of you readers have gone to Bellevue just to enjoy the peace and the quiet time to be with your departed? How many of you have noticed how lovingly the families have planted flowers that rise to the warmth of the sun, and to the tunes that the birds are singing? What a special place!

Has the concept of perpetual care lost its meaning in Bellevue? In my opinion, the city commission should provide adequate staff, office facilities, and funds to maintain the cemetery in a manner that the public has a right to expect. Thank you Tillie Sowders for bringing this unfortunate situation to light. It is regrettable that this potentially neglectful situation should even arise.

Dee Dee Guerrant Hardaway


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