Liberty looks at drainage problems

September 09, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - After three city residents complained Wednesday evening to the City Council about water drainage problems in town, the City County assured them the city will look at the problems.

Ressie Grider and Breece Hayes, who own property on Middleburg and Randolph streets, suggested the city improve the area where a tile is causing water to run onto their property.

Attorney Raymond Overstreet, who represented the residents, asked the city to do something before the property damage is more extensive.

"Some of you are aware of the problems," Overstreet told the council. "They would like to have the assurance that you will take into consideration (to the repairs) so the property will not be damaged." He asked for an answer within 10 days.

Mayor Sweeney said he is aware of the problem apparently was caused when a new tile was put in and the water is running across the road.


Grider said there was no problem until a 36-inch tile was installed. She said when there is a heavy rainfall, water gets in the basement and damages to a hot water heater in her rental property.

Ezekiel Smith of Smith Electric on Campbellsville Street asked if the city can do something about drainage near his company. He said since the county built the new Judicial Center there is not enough space for a drainage ditch and the water comes onto his property.

Smith said he has talked with the building contractor and county Judge-Executive Ronald Wright but they have not improved the area.

Smith said when the contractor backfilled for the parking lot, he did not leave enough room for the slope and a ditch line, which causes the water to run onto his property.

"All I want is a ditch," said Smith. "The water should be in the ditch line and not on my property," he said.

Sweeney promised to look at the area and see if the city can do anything to help.

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