Not satisfied with investigation of Casey bus incident

September 09, 2004

Dear Editor:

Investigations have been taken to a new level in Casey County. I am surprised that Los Angeles and New York police have not contacted our assistant principal and coaches as to their detective abilities. It is wonderful to be able to gain everything you need to know without ever questioning the two boys who were harassed.

I find great comfort in knowing that the players involved "paid dearly" by running at practice. Did you know they also run if they drop a ball or make a mistake on the field? I always wondered how consequences were determined, and I am still at a loss. If I understand correctly, then our NFL team members who are accused of DUI or beating a wife are probably punished by running laps.

I can see where this would deter most crimes. I can also see why only four out of 221 freshmen played football. The threat of having to run for any offenses committed was just to much to overcome.


I have come to realize that nothing will be done because I do not have the right last name or I don't have enough money. I just hope that each parent thinks, "What if that had been my child?" Well, like I stated before if you have the right last name, it will be handled quickly.

For anyone with human decency, this outcome will be unsatisfactory and unsettling. All we can do is voice our opinion at how our child's rights were violated. Yet to some, they will see nothing wrong with how this was handled, but those are the people who are without children or who have the ones with all the privileges. Life is unfair, I already know that, but I was hoping that integrity and respect would not be so far misplaced.

I find it hard to believe that our coaches do not think that it is their job to teach our kids morals - maybe not directly but indirectly and they should always reinforce those traits. When people stop caring for their fellow man, that is when we all lose. I think we just lost big!

Becky Anderson

Casey County

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