Lincoln County High to install video cameras

September 10, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Educators at Lincoln County High School will soon be getting a few extra eyes in the halls to help keep students safe. Twenty-four video cameras will be placed around the exterior and interior of the building, excluding stairways and bathrooms, to monitor student activity.

Principal Ty Howard said the staff is excited about the cameras and gave the example of a hall altercation in which they could be used. Rather than track down witnesses to the tussle, the cameras would have caught it all on tape, said Howard.

"It will really help the environment at the school," Howard said.

Sixteen devices will monitor the interior of the school and eight will monitor the exterior, covering most of the grounds, Howard said. The Board of Education accepted a bid of almost $22,000 for the cameras and training at its meeting Thursday.

The cameras come in response to vehicle damages that occurred in the high school parking lot during seniors' last week of school. About 18 cars were vandalized with products like honey, glitter and plastic wrap during seniors' early dismissal the week of graduation.


Vandals caused about $1,800 in damage to a junior's white Explorer when glitter baked into the paint, prompting Jimmy Gordon to address the board in June on the junior's behalf. During Thursday's school board meeting, Gordon again addressed the board and asked how it planned to stop future vandalism and why past vandals weren't punished. He provided pictures in last year's yearbook of cars mussed by pranksters during graduation week.

Board Chairman Jim Kelley said pranks may have occurred in the past, but he didn't believe the vandals involved in the mischief at the end of last year knew what damage the glitter, honey and plastic wrap would do to a paint job in the hot sun.

"That might be true, Jim, but it still needs to stop," Gordon said.

Superintendent Teresa Wallace said today that Gordon is not expected to press charges. The repairs to the Explorer will be paid in part by donations made by parents for that purpose and the school board.

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