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September 12, 2004

The arrival of the Second Kentucky Infantry at the World's Fair was a signal for a big ovation, especially among the Kentuckians there. They arrived after a 24-hour journey by train. The seats on the train were converted to sleepers by lifting the backs our and fastening them on a spring base made out of guns. This idea originated about the time the Spanish-American War broke out. Season tickets to the fair were issued to the soldiers and many will spend their time seeing St. Louis.

The soldiers made a fine appearance as they marched down Danville's Main Street to the depot. Capt. W. Vernon Richardson's Co. G answered the bugle call dressed in their new uniforms. Each carried a Mauser gun, canteen, bayonet, a dog tent and a happy smile. The company drilled faithfully for several weeks. In addition to Richardson, those composing the company were First Lt. Silliman, First Sgt. Thomas Tracy, Quartermaster Sgt. Wright, Sgts. H. Linney, Silliman and Phil Linney and Cpls. James Carrigan, William Mullins, H. Temple, Charles Duncan, Stuart May and musician Hudson and privates Arnold, Crum, Connelley, Eastland, Fox, Heathman, Hutchinson, Howell, Jones, Jennings, Inman, Mullins, S. Moore, H. Moore, L. Moore and Mitchell.


Steve K. Vaught of The Advocate has gone to the World's Fair with Co. G and will send a number of interesting articles concerning the company and its experiences at the fair. Vaught's friends will be glad to know he has decided to remain with the paper after his parents move to Frankfort.

I.B. Bush of Harrodsburg closed a deal with I.W. Rodgers for a lease on the Gilcher Hotel. Rodgers is in the South where he expects to again work in the hotel business. Bush will take charge of the Gilcher in October and expects to renovate the hotel from top to bottom. Mr. Gilcher, the owner, has agreed to redecorate the office, dining, reader, writing and toilet rooms and build a new kitchen and tea room. Bush has been the owner of the Commercial Hotel in Harrodsburg for several years. He has hired Capt. Jack McMillan as chief clerk and Lucy Montague as head of housekeeping.

75 years ago - 1929

The 110th session of Centre College opened with chapel exercises at both departments. The enrollment for the first two days of registration is 346, which is the largest in the history of the college. A feature of the exercises were the introduction of Miss Eugenia Young, whose father, John C. Young served as president of the college from 1830 to 1857. Miss Young made a gift of $10,000, which will be used in part to pay for the new steam heating plant installed in the main building. The rest of the gift will be used for renovating Old Centre, the building in which the earliest classes were held.

J.T. Parks has leased the old Smith Hotel that belongs to the Baugh and Garner Furniture Co. Parks is president of the Little Britain Co., which owns and operates the Gilcher Hotel and the hotel's coffee shop and The Park in Danville. Parks says the Smith Hotel's name will be changed and it will be a first-class hotel just like The Gilcher. The Gilcher is one of four hotels in Kentucky classified as Class "A" hotels.

A 13-year-old boy who had been caddying at the Danville Country Club was seriously injured when he ran in front of a car on Lexington Road. The car was driven by the manager of the Kroger grocery. The boy was taken to hospital and still is unconscious.

Oliver A. Kays, president of the Danville Kiwanis Club, is in charge of two appearances of the U.S. Army Band in Danville. The concerts will be held at Peoples Tobacco Warehouse on Harding Street. The Kiwanis must sell enough tickets to pay the band's $1,400 fee. The cost of the afternoon concert is $1 for adults and 75 cents for Centre students. Graded and high school students will be charged 50 cents. The prices increase by 50 cents for the night concert.

50 years ago - 1954

The annual fire school for training firefighters was held at the Danville fire Hall. Courses included the study of general fire department practices, fire prevention and the use of the fire hose, ladders and pumpers. All nine of the regular firefighters in the Danville Fire Department, three from Boyle county and four additional volunteers and a visiting citizen for a total of 17.

There will be no contest to fill the three vacancies on the Danville school board. Candidates are Fred Wilder, David Highbaugh and Mary Gray McNamara. Highbaugh is an incumbent and the other two are seeking seats that were held by Mrs. Green Bowling and Edgar c. Newlin.

Petitions from more than 100 west Danvillians for improvements were given to the City council. Henry Pennington, attorney representing the west Danville group, said that the group was asking for the same type of city lights and streets and other services provided to residents of the city. They wanted sewer lines and all open toilets, pig pens and other nuisances eliminated.

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