Andersons write check for girls' softball field

September 12, 2004|LIZ MAPLES and KATIE McBRIDE

HARRODSBURG - Austin Robey, 14, will be glad when she doesn't have to share a field with the tee ball and baseball players.

Robey plays softball in the Anderson Dean League and was at the park Friday afternoon for the celebration of Ralph and Ruth Anderson's $200,000 donation that will be used to build a girls' softball field at the Anderson-Dean Community Park.

Then we "won't have to wait around for the other fields to open up," she said.

County officials expect construction to begin next month and that the complex will be open for softball season this May. Judge-Executive John Trisler said that the donation will "make a dream come true."

There were more than 100 softball players at the park for the Andersons' check presentation. The girls helped unveil the sign, "Future Site of the Ruth M. Anderson Softball Complex," and were treated to a cookout by the State Bank and Trust Co. Trisler said that Harrodsburg Mayor Lonnie Campbell helped out on the grill.


A softball field was the top priority for the park, said Mark Bryant, park director. The girls were having to share baseball and tee ball fields. Scheduling games and practices had become a problem, and the other fields weren't designed for softball.

Twelve-year-olds Samantha Clark, a pitcher and shortstop for the Rockhounds, and Miranda Turner, shortstop for the Bats, both said that sometimes they would get bumped off the tee ball field by younger kids who needed to practice.

Trisler said that recently there had been an "explosion of interest in girls' softball." When it became apparent that field space at the park was tight Campbell and Bryant sat down with Ralph Anderson, and he agreed to help.

Anderson said his gift was rooted in a commitment to Mercer County, where he was born and raised.

"You just can't underestimate the contribution that the Andersons have made to Mercer County, Harrodsburg and Burgin," Trisler said. "And with this, the association with the girls, it's just a neat way to honor" Ruth Anderson.

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