Force people on disability to lose weight

September 12, 2004

Dear Editor:

Recently, you printed an article about people being obese. Some of our family are big-built and overweight. Most of us have lost weight.

There are people across Kentucky who are overweight and getting disability checks. If these people would lose weight, they could go back to work and have jobs. There are four people around my mother-in-law who are extremely overweight and have commented that they got it made easy.

My mother-in-law has a really bad back and has been denied disability three times because she likes to sew and do embroidery as a hobby and she uses her hands.


The government needs to step in and make these overweight people lose weight and go back to work and get off disability.

The survey said 50 percent of people on disability could be prevented if they would lose weight.

The government and doctors really need to get a hold on these people and make them lose weight and take the checks from them so they will have to work.

Pamela Hall


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