Casey parents still angry over bus incident

September 14, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Parents of two Casey County students Tuesday disputed the claim of the high school principal that sexual harassment charges made by their sons have been resolved.

The harassment allegedly occurred during a team bus trip in August to a football scrimmage in Morehead.

Both boys subsequently quit the team.

The parents complained that officials did not deal with the problem, which one said was a violation of the school district's code of conduct.

The parents said earlier they would be at the Monday night school board meeting to discuss the problem, but one had a death in the family, and the other one did not attend the meeting.

The item was not listed on the board agenda, and Superintendent Linda Hatter referred a reporter to Principal Tim Goodlett. Goodlett said the "problem has been resolved," but refused to elaborate.


"The problem has not been resolved," said the parent of one the two freshmen football players.

She claims school officials did not discuss with her son what occurred on the trip.

She said the problem is not over and school officials may have "a big surprise" soon. "It's not going to stop until the school puts a stop to it. I'm going to fight it."

She claims her son's rights have been violated. She wants someone to get his side of the story, too.

The other mother said today that her husband and son talked with Goodlett Monday, but "what's been done is not satisfactory. Nothing has been done. There has been no punishment to the boy involved, and that's not satisfactory to me. The only thing is the boy accused in the incident had to run laps during football practice," she said.

She said Goodlett did say that if there were any other complaints about the football player accused, he will be punished.

"I'm trying to figure out where I need to go next," she said.

Football Coach Andy Stephens said earlier that there is no proof of the allegations.

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