Local band member looks forward to concert, next step

September 17, 2004|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

Jeff Conley is no stranger to the local music scene. He formerly played with Chaos Waiting and Dead Daze End.

The band with which he plays now, Face the Day, will be in concert Saturday night at the Rocktoberfest building on Lebanon Road - before the group heads off to play at The Roxy in Los Angeles before some music industry bigwigs.

Conley, of Danville, has 20 years experience as a musician and plays three instruments.

"I'm a drummer by trade," Conley said in a telephone interview this week. "I picked up keyboard and guitar recently."

The Saturday concert is being presented by Face the Day and features bands such as Medusa Diesel of Stanford, Downshift of Danville and Octalux of Somerset, all of which are rock bands, Conley says.

"It's a volunteer effort," he notes. "We try to focus on getting the bands paid and providing an outlet for youngsters around here who don't have anything to do."


Large crowds have attended previous Rocktoberfests, Conley says, adding, "They go over really well."

Combining rock, pop and punk

Face the Day's Web site describes its sound as combining rock, pop and punk. Conley says he hooked up with the band about three months ago, when friend Chad Gravitt became the drummer for the group.

"He is the one who kinda hooked me up with the job," Conley explains. "They were looking for a guitarist, and I also play guitar. I play everything - drums, keyboard, guitar - and sing."

He says the band liked him as a vocalist and wanted him in no matter what, so Conley joined as keyboardist and a vocalist for Face the Day. Other members of the band are vocalist Jeff Garner and bassist Ryan Gold, both of Lexington; drummer Gravitt of Nicholasville, formerly of Mausoleum Records' Groovezilla; and guitarists Mikey Withers and Luke McFarland, both of Russell Springs. Garner and Gold started the band with guitarist Josh McLemore and drummer Shea Gold, both of whom moved on to pursue other interests, Conley says.

"Jeff and Ryan both toured with Lennon, who was signed by Arista," Conley notes. "They quit Lennon to start Face the Day. ... The band has been together a year."

Withers was an original member of the band, he adds, although not one of the creators of it.

Music label interest in their songs

There has been recording music label interest in Face the Day's songs, Conley says.

"As the band formed and demos started coming out, we gradually got label interest in the band," he explains. "Jeff knows people, and so does Ryan, because they toured with a national touring artist. That's how we hooked up with the L.A. gig.

"It's the most important thing any of us have ever done. The chances of us getting signed are slim to none, but then, the chances of getting what we're getting were slim to none. (The process) gets harder as we go."

Face the Day will perform Oct. 4 at The Roxy in L.A. The major labels that will be there include Atlantic, Universal, and Maverick, among others, Conley says. Management companies also will be at the L.A. gig.

The band is opening for Dave Ellesson, former bassist for Megadeth, who is playing with his new band, F5. Conley says people who want to go to the show can get in free if they are on the guest list. Information about the band is available at and

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