Rainy weather no problem for Boyle's Morgan, Piper

September 17, 2004|JILL ERWIN

Spectators wore ponchos and held umbrellas over their heads to fend off the rain, but Boyle County's Patrick Morgan couldn't get enough of the wet weather.

Morgan won the Boyle County Invitational with a time of 16 minutes, 46 seconds Thursday over the 3.1-mile course Millennium Park. After finishing the race, he went for a run to cool down, then decided to run the course again as the rain continued to fall.

It was a testament to how seriously Morgan is taking his senior year, and he said Thursday could be a turning point in his season.

"This is a breakthrough race for me, I think," Morgan said. "I was able to change pace and I was feeling good. It was fun."


On the girls side, Boyle's Abby Piper finished second, nearly a minute behind Paul Dunbar's Laura Steinmetz.

"Within the first half-mile, I knew what she was made of and what I was made of, and I was not equal to her," Piper said.

Morgan and Piper, who have been dating for more than a year, were the top area finishers among the 192 varsity runners. Both also enjoyed the weather, as a light drizzle fell over the runners as they made their way around the course.

"The weather was perfect," Piper said. "This is my favorite weather to run in, so this was the perfect thing for me."

Lincoln County's Jordan Wilkinson also enjoyed the drizzle, finishing fourth on the boys side with a time of 17:27.

"I was really pleased," Wilkinson said. "I wanted to see what it was like to run in the rain. It was kind of sloppy out there, but I liked it."

"Very, very pleased" with his race

Morgan liked it as well, saying he was "very, very pleased" with his race. His win helped the Rebels claim second place.

He trailed Dunbar's Andrew McCann through most of the race, but used a strong closing burst to sail past McCann before the finish. He hovered right behind McCann through much of the race, staying just off the pace. But when the time came, Morgan made his move.

"It's not really mind games," Morgan said. "He kept running out on these spurts during the race. I was just hanging on. Then, in the last mile, I just passed him. When I did, I passed him really hard. I think that broke his heart right there."

On the girls side, Piper easily outdistanced third-place finisher Kayla Hayes of Rockcastle County to help lift Boyle to a third-place finish.

Piper said that while she would have loved to have won the race, she also knew Steinmetz was not going to let that happen.

"I learned that cross country, for me, is intuitive," Piper said. "I don't have to think. It's my race and my rhythm. If she's not running in my rhythm, I just do my own thing."

Danville's Kaitlin Snapp finished seventh to lead other local girls.

GIRLS (79 runners)

Team scores - 1. Rockcastle County (RC) 36; 2. Paul Laurence Dunbar (PLD) 43; 3. Boyle County (BC) 86; 4. Henry Clay 104; 5. Danville (D) 138; 6. Franklin County 159; 7. West Jessamine 175; 8. Paul Dunbar B 183; 9. Wayne County 239; 10. Burgin (B) 240.


1. Laura Steinmetz (PLD) 20:24; 2. Abby Piper (BC) 21:11; 3. Kayla Hayes (RC) 21:30; 4. Jessi Asher (RC) 21:53; 5. Laura Dollins (RC) 22:14; 7. Kaitlin Snapp (D) 22:26; 13. Kelly Jameson (BC) 23:10; 16. Kelsey Barbato (BC) 23:37; 22. Brittany Baierlein (D) 24:03; 23. Lindsey Boitnott (BC) 24:07; 27. Diamond Pace (D) 24:30; 38. Ann Harris (B)25:15; 39. Hayley Barbato (BC) 25:20; 41. Trish Bredar (BC) 25:24; 42. Beverly Harris (B) 25:40; 47. Jerrica Payton (Casey County) 26:16; 48. Maddie Meckes (D) 26:21; 50. Sarah Vonderbrink (D) 26:29; 47. Sydney Crawley (Lincoln County) 27:46; 58. Sara Peavler (D) 27:59; 61. Meredith Lear (B) 28:53; 64. Kelly Embree (D) 29:27; 70. Tara Stafford (D) 30:06; 71. Erin Saylor (D) 30:43; 76. Michelle Myers (B) 34:35; 77. Amanda Wall 34:51.

BOYS (113 runners)

Team scores - 1. Paul Laurence Dunbar (PLD) 38; 2. Boyle County (BC) 71; 3. Henry Clay 100; 4. Franklin County 164; 5. Paul Dunbar B 173; 6. Danville (D) 184; 7. West Jessamine (WJ) 193; 8. Lincoln County (LC) 198; 9. Lexington Christian 225; 10. Anderson County 225; 11. Rockcastle County 254; 12. Madison Central 279; 13. Lafayette 290; 14. Wayne County 352; 15. East Jessamine 370.


1. Patrick Morgan (BC) 16:46; 2. Andrew McCann (PLD) 16:56; 3. Nathan Liversedge (WJ) 17:01; 4. Jordan Wilkinson (LC) 17:27; 5. Drew Addessi (PLD) 17:29; 8. Mason Glass (BC) 17:53; 11. Sam Morgan (BC) 18:00; 13. John Anderson (BC) 18:13; 18. Ross Hempel (D) 18:42; 21. Stephan Crown-Weber (D) 19:02; 27. Jamie Grey (D) 19:27; 29. James Coy (LC) 19:27; 34. Brandon Sanders (LC) 19:36; 39. Taggert Jefferson (BC) 19:51; 47. Daniel Bodner (D) 20:34; 52. Johnathan Evans (LC) 20:44; 55. Jonathon Crowe (BC) 20:58; 70. Justin Walls (Casey County) 22:16; 78. Reid Williams (D) 23:02; 81. Michael Negaard (BC) 23:15; 83. Herbie Lynn (BC) 23:21; 88. Aaron Roemisch (LC) 23:52; 103. Charles Delp (BC) 26:05; 110. Josh Pennington (CC) 27:18; 11. Brian Buis (CC) 27:55.

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