Property Transfers for Sept. 19

September 19, 2004


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Denise Curtsinger include:

Elbert and Nannie M. Cox to Margaret and James Wilburn Jr., 1.185 acres on Cream Ridge Road, $10,000.

Kelly D. and Doris M. Rice to Marta Pyrek, lot in Maple Avenue, $185,000.

Donald Stump, Custom Builder Inc. to Alfred G. and Marsha Isaacs, lot in Shelby Green subdivision, $128,750.

Josephine H. Walton and Richard A. Wolfe to Julia K. Wheeler, lot in Candlewood subdivision, $125,500.

Kelly Garrett to Cynthia W. Cornelius, lot in Fitzpatrick Heights subdivision, $113,500.

William K. and Regina L. Dean to Robert O. and Linda S. Burke, lot on Danville-Nicholasville Turnpike, $115,000.

Dan J. and Rheanna S. Lynch to Jonathan E. and Melissa A. McWilliams, 3.002 acres on Lakeside View Drive, $40,000.

Judy and Insco W. Rue III to Mary J. and Henderson Goins Jr., lot on Longview Drive, $118,900.


Marshall T. Jarman to Jill M. Jarman, lot in Bluegrass Trace subdivision, $1; fair market value, $150,000.

Yount Developers LLC to Ruth V. James, lot in McDowell Estates, $168,600.

Tony and Phyllis Hurst to Kruer and Kruer Properties LLC, .325 of an acre on High Street, $8,000.

Rodes Development LLC to TB&T Investments LLC, two lots in Southgate subdivision, $30,400.

Thelma J. Gibson to Aegean Enterprises LLC, lot on Maple Avenue, $185,000.

Thelma J. Hedges to Patricia A. Denton, 3.082 acres in Boyle County, gift; no fair cash value listed.

Everett C. Stephens to James L. and Sandra K. Woodis, lot in Lebanon Road development, $32,000.

Joedy Sharpe Construction Co. Inc. to Matthew L. and M. Ellen Knupp, .466 of an acre in Candlewood subdivision, $124,000.

Barbara and Joe Pevley to Christopher and Betty J. Adams, one parcel on Danville and Lebanon turnpike, two parcels on Ky. 34, and one parcel on Lebanon and Junction City Road, $21,250.

Garland and Lois J. Young to Kristen D. and Jerry M. Gibson II and John B. Helm, lot on First Street, $38,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

Janet C. Davis to James G. and Zona E. Weddle, lot on Hustonville Street, $10; fair cash value, $30,000.

Eulys V. Monday for the estate of Alma Monday to Garnett and Eula Hatfield, lot on Montgomery Avenue, $66,000.

Linda M. Shepherd to Glen E. Emerson, lot on Taylor Avenue, $64,000.

Jeff and Brenda Lee and Brent and Tracy Clements to Royce and Nancy Dixon, 9.6 acres in Windsor, $15,000.

Elizabeth and Troy L. Wood to Delas and Janet Earles, 55.75 acres on Rouse Branch, $40,000.

Elaine B. Wesley to William B. and Sherri Wesley, one-third interest in lot on Ky. 70, gift; fair market value, $50,000.

James R. Shelby, trustee of the Ann B. Shelby trust, to John D. Shelby, James R. Shelby and William O. Shelby, one-third interest each in two lots on Taft Highway; fair cash value, $40,000.

Donnie Grider Inc. to Brad and Melissa Vaughn, three lots on Donovan Drive, $40,000.

C.H. and Mary W. Zimmerman to Abel F. and Nancy K. Zimmerman, two lots on Sloan's Fork Road, $70,000.

Ward and Josephine Brockman to Gary Brockman and Juree Maurer, lot on Ky. 80, $70,000.

Sherman Hatter, attorney-in-fact for Minnie Mayne, to Sherman Hatter, two lots on Knob Lick Creek, gift; fair market value, $90,000.

Laris R. and Marsha M. Parton to Laris Ray and Irma Parton, 2.16 acres on C. Wesley Road, gift; fair cash value, $11,000.

Carl and Pauline Monday to Carla R. Monday, 5.25 acres on Canoe Creek, $114,000.

Jeanette T. and Riley H. Allen Jr. to Jerry and Beverly Hoskins, lot on corner of Montgomery Avenue and Wolford Street, $80,000.

Kelly P. and Jason Waddle to Judy Phillips, lot in Brookside Heights subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $67,640.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Stacy May include:

Caywood Metcalf and Mark H. Metcalf to Willie Robertson, four lots in Daughter's Park subdivision, $9,000.

John G. and Susan F. Fister to Freddie R. Overton, lot in Hideaway Cove Estates subdivision, $88,900.

Gregory A. and Glenda Banta to Brian D. and Carol Parady, lot on Rogers Road, $230,000.

Marilyn S. Kinsey to James M. and Janice R. Browning, 10.1 acres on Fall Lick Pike, $36,000.

Earl W. and Linda G. New to Laura S. Comley and Erma Steppe, lot on Bryant's Camp Road, $65,000.

Travis K. and Jamie R. Pankey to Steve and Delores Lamb and Thomas Lamb, lot in Daughter's Park subdivision, $40,000.

Robert H. Pollard to Linda M. Shepherd, three lots in Layton subdivision, $82,000.

Emma J. Wilson and Misty Woods to Stephen and Jill Kinnaird, 23.966 acres on Hamilton Valley Road, $27,800.

Home Horizons Inc. to Joe C. Fielder, lot in Colt's Run Estates, $134,900.

John Henderson to Terry S. and Doris B. Gortney, two parcels in Lowell, land contract, $100,000.

Jane and Ellis F. Bullock to St. Paul Predestinarian Church, two lots on Campbell Street, $30,000.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co. to the Revocable Living Trust of John Nichols, lot in Herring Heights, $45,000.

John B. and Patricia Rich to Mildred Gaffney, lot in Pin Oak Drive, $60,000.

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