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September 19, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

J.P. Brantley must have thought he was dreaming recently when he heard the strains of "The Advocate-Messenger March" floating through his bedroom.

He and his wife, Jane, wake in the early hours of the morning. Their clock radio is set to go off at 5 a.m. They gradually wake up listening to National Public Radio, which that particular morning had a program about the Republican National Convention.

The Brantleys are familiar with NPR's pattern and after the news of the convention, at 18 minutes after the hour, there's about a minute of "fill music." The strains of "The Advocate-Messenger March" came from the radio.

"We were instantly wide awake," Mrs. Brantley said.

The tune was no stranger to Brantley, who is a member of The Advocate Brass Band, which was doing the playing. That selection was followed by a rendering of "Bugler's Holiday" with Vince DiMartino sitting in with the Canadian Brass. Brantley knew that not just from the playing, but from the "Hey" that DiMartino contributes to the performance.


"What a strange feeling it was to hear "The Advocate-Messenger March" on the radio just as Jane and I were waking up!"

The music came from the CD "Highlights from the 1996 Great American Brass Band Festival."

The Advocate march was heard again at 7:18 a.m., but WEKU announcements covered the performance of the Canadian Brass.

You too can hear the excerpts. Go to Click on Morning Edition, which is in the left-hand column. Then click on Previous Shows, the second item in the right-hand column. Select September 2004 and then click on September 1 in the calendar that pops up.

Congratulations from the House

It was sort of a "from our house to your house" acknowledgment.

Frank and Fredia Durham of Boyle County had their golden wedding anniversary marked by a congratulatory certificate from the Kentucky House of Representatives signed by Rep. Mike Harmon of Junction City and Speaker Jody Richards.

The Durhams were married July 24, 1954. The message wished them "continued years of happiness and fulfillment."

Pet Peeve

This is one of those repeating peeves. A recent caller complained about the overgrown section of land at the intersection of Hustonville Road and Danville Bypass. It's not the first time that drainage basin has upset a resident. The property is public land and collects drainage from much of the land on the south side of the bypass.

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