Bush administration is not conservative

September 19, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am a middle-class citizen who was born and raised on a farm. I have worked in a lot of occupations dealing with the public and have even served in the Army. I know what being a conservative means. I know how to feed my family on $50 a week and pay my bills and rent and automobile insurance.

But this administration we have in Washington has no clue to what it means to be conservative. The administration has created the biggest debt in the history of our nation in the shortest period of time.

We still live in a democracy, and that means Democrat. We do not live in China, North Korea or even the former Soviet Union, which are republics, and that means Republicans.


These tyrants may want to turn this nation of ours into a communist country, but it's not going to happen, and if the Bush brothers try to steal this election like Florida in 2000, the riots of the '60s will look like a trip to Disney World.

I am currently taking chemotherapy for colon cancer. I have paid in Social Security since 1974. I have been informed that they cannot help me for at least six months, hoping I will die before I can draw. They didn't wait six months to draw it from my pay or make my employers hold out.

If I have to crawl to the polls on Nov. 2, I will and vote for John Kerry ! And I say we need a Kentucky recall to oust this governor who thinks he is a dictator.

Robert D. Chapman

Junction City

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