Winners of Casey children's pageants named

September 20, 2004

LIBERTY - Winners were chosen from 190 children in Sunday's Casey County Apple Festival pageants, according to coordinator Deva Hair. Listed by first through third place, respectively, with parents, winners are:

Birth to 6 months: Girls, Sophie McAnelly, daughter of Brian and Karen McAnelly; Kayleigh Sanders, daughter of Eric and Christy Sanders; and Gracie Wilson, daughter of Melanie Wethington and John Wilson. Boys, Jamie Coffman, Shawn and Sheila Coffman; Jake Brown, Jon and Kay Brown; and Ethan Pendleton, Hannah Pendleton.

7-12 months: Girls, Taylor Hatter, Jason and Darra Hatter; Molly Boyle, Jeremy and Tracie Boyle; and Laura Wood, Brandon and Amy Wood. Boys, Ethan Willoughby, Matthew and Carrie Willoughby; Gunner Floyd, Bryan and Stephanie Floyd; and Hunter Whited, Dustin and Toni Whited.

13-18 months old: Girls, Alora Muller, Karl and Leah Muller; Alyssa Russell, Adam and Nicole Russell; and Karli Hurt, Willie and Lesley Hurt. Boys, Ethan Luttrell, Kim Wall and Andy Luttrell; Austin Pendleton, Derrick and Felisha Wilson; and Dawson Price, Tadd and Michelle Price.


19-24 months old: Haley Moore, Randy and Amanda Moore; Gracie Harness, Josh and Jennifer Harness; and Autumn Brown, Robin and Donald Brown. Boys, Jaycob Looney, John and Melissa Looney; Zachary Morgan, Gayl Moore and George Morgan; and Sawyer Beeler, Brian and Stacey Beeler.

Little Miss and Mister: Cierra Hogue, daughter of Sherry Delong, and Brandon Roy, son of Ryan and Amanda Roy, were first-place winners. Sidney Bernard, daughter of Greg and Tammy Bernard, and Nathaniel Luttrell, son of Daniel and Alicia Luttrell, were second.

Tiny Miss: Shaylah Middleton, John and Pat Wilkey; Bethanee Streeval, Paul and Becky Streeval; and Kailey Foster, Nickey and Doug Foster.

Tiny Mister: Austin Wethington, Casey McFarland and Joe Wethington; Caleb Seward, Mark and Tasha Seward.

Duchess for 3- to 4-year-olds: McKenzie Smithers, Jody and Nikki Smithers; Lexi Ervin, Greg and Heather Ervin; and Taylor Judy, Jack and Rebecca Judy.

Duke for 3- to 4-year-olds: Daylon Price, Todd and Michelle Price; Stevenson Combs, Steve and Lisa Combs; and Jacob Strunk, Jason and Sue Strunk.

Duchess for 5- to 6-year-olds: Alexa Long, Loren and Mindy Long; Sidney Bernard, Greg and Tammie Bernard; and Brooklyn Snow, Jim and Crystal Snow.

Duke for 5- to 6-year-olds: Brayton Scales, Tony and Angie Scales; Hagan Elmore, Randy and Sheila Elmore; and Cameron Martin, Merv and Becky Martin.

Duchess for 7- to 8-year-olds: Sarah Beard, Mark and Sherrie Beard; Makayla Scales, Tony and Angie Scales; and Micahalia Frye, Felicia Jones and Matt Davis.

Duke for 7- to 8-year-olds: Justin Underwood, Bradley and Crystal Underwood.

Pageants tonight include Miss Casey County Teen for ages 13-15; and Miss Apple Festival Teen, for ages 13-15. The pageants will be begin at 7 p.m. at Casey County High School gymnasium.

Window winners

Kinfold Treasurers won the overall prize in the window decorating contest. The business received a plaque and $75.

Business: Famous Recipe, first; Casey County Adult Day Care, second; and Wild Man's Vac, third.

Schools: Liberty Elementary School third grade, first; Middleburg Elementary second grade, second; and Douglas Elementary, third.

The Cabinet for Families and Children won the civic category.

First-place winners received $50, and the runners-up got ribbons.

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