Bush's doubts about the war on terrorism

September 21, 2004

Dear Editor:

The Bush administration must have clear doubts about its ability to win the war on terrorism.

In a recent interview on NBC, Bush stated, "I don't think you can win it," when asked if he thought the United States could win the war on terror. The spin doctors from the Republican Party of course said, "what he meant was," but that doesn't cut it.

Bush may be able to read a speech about winning the war on terrorism but clearly he has doubts about his ability to do so - and with good reason. Bush then appeared on self-proclaimed drug user Rush Limbaugh's radio show and said, "I should have been more articulate." How about telling Americans the truth, Mr. President?

Now, the Bush administration wants to say that they will do this and that, just like they did four years ago. George W. Bush made many promises back in 2000, such as health care, prescription drugs and a better economy. Today, those promises have not been fulfilled. We don't need four more years of failed promises, deceit and trickery.


Under Bush, we have gone from mission accomplished to mission miscalculated to mission impossible on the war on terror. Our fighting men and women deserve a president that believes in their ability to get the job done, not one who has doubts.

Perhaps the only doubt lies in Mr. Bush's ability to be commander in chief.

Ken Griffin


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