Don't pretend to be open-minded and 'appalled'

September 21, 2004

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in response to Roger Bowman's most recent letter. I read with interest Mr. Bowman's sentence about him watching the Republican convention in order to "try to be fair" and "give George Bush the benefit of the doubt." None of Mr. Bowman's prior letters gave any indication other than he is anti-Republican and a strong proponent of liberal arguments. While he certainly has a right to his opinion, I highly doubt that he truly watched to Republican convention in order to be "fair" to President Bush.

He argues that Georgia Sen. Zell Miller is a "fanatical traitor to his own party." Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry, was married to former Republican senator John Heinz. During those days, she was a strong Republican supporter. Does this mean that Teresa Heinz is also a "fanatical traitor" as well? If not, why not? If so, do we envy this character trait in a potential first lady?


If Sen. Zell Miller is a "fruitcake," as Mr. Bowman suggests, did he feel similarly when Miller gave his welcoming address at the Democratic convention eight years ago? If so, did he say so then? If not, are we to believe that Miller was "normal" then, but has only become a "fruitcake" lately as he has distanced himself from liberal Democratic causes to embrace more conservative approaches to national issues?

Mr. Bowman states that he is "appalled" that President Bush allowed Senator Miller to express his "anger." Should we believe that Mr. Bowman would be equally "appalled" if the Democrats and Kerry allowed a Republican to vent his/her concern with the Republican party (if they can find such a person)? I highly doubt it.

I wonder if Mr. Bowman is "appalled" with the apparently purposeful fraudulent "information" recently distributed by Dan Rather and CBS News. The more the CBS/Dan Rather story is investigated, the more it appears that this is not just sloppy journalism, but purposeful fraud - with obvious and malicious intent. Is this "appalling" to Mr. Bowman? If so, is he saying so? If not, why not?

Mr. Bowman's letter goes on to state that "Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words." Ask Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden (if you can find where he is hiding), if George Bush or Bill Clinton had more talk or more action. The terrorist organizations were built up during eight years of passive leadership, inaction, and cheap talk by Bill Clinton. They are being dismantled by the action of George Bush with the support of our Congress and military.

Let's be intellectually honest. If you favor liberal causes, just stand tall and say so. Don't pretend you are a middle-of-the-road kind of guy who is open-minded and "appalled." The shoe just doesn't fit.

Barry Michael


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