Garrard residents urged to attend meeting to discuss planning goals and objectives

September 22, 2004

Dear Editor:

On Monday, Sept. 27, the Garrard County Fiscal Court will hold a special meeting at the Garrard County High School to discuss the goals and objectives developed by the Garrard County Planning Commission. These goals have been presented after much deliberation, public input, and consideration and were unanimously approved by the commission. This is the first opportunity for the Fiscal Court to consider anything from the commission they formed in March 2003.

Public comment on the goals and objectives will be received. Judge Hasty has assured me this will be done in a civil, orderly manner and opinions will be directed to the court, not to any members of the audience. There are no other items on the agenda, so no topics other than the goals and objectives may be discussed.

I encourage anyone with an opinion on this topic to attend the meeting. All decisions of the fiscal court affect our community. This particular decision is one of the most important to come before the court. The court will decide whether we will plan for our future or continue to float listlessly toward tomorrow.


I have been openly in favor of planning since before I took office in 1999. I am consistently asked if it is worth fighting this fight for the future of Garrard County. The anti-planning forces have been vocal and continue to personally attack those that disagree with their viewpoint. It may be easier to quit but that does not accomplish anything. That is not what this great community was founded on. It is worth the trouble to plan for a future that will affect us, our children and our children's children.

In much the same way, it will be easier for you to not attend this fiscal court meeting. I know there are many other things that can occupy your time on Monday evening. I ask you to decide what will be best for the future of our community. I urge the citizens of Garrard County to attend this meeting to let your voice be heard.

Jeff Moss

County Attorney

Garrard County

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