Christians should follow God's command on voting

September 23, 2004

Dear Editor:

I'm not trying to persuade or judge, but I am challenging all Christians to pray and listen to God for his command on voting.

I know most will vote Republican or Democrat just because that is the way that they were raised. But in this time of the nation we need to vote God's way. And listen for his command. We need to vote for the one man who will follow God's lead and who is God-fearing. This person must listen to God or this nation will crumble. We need someone who will defend this country God's way, who will defend God's unborn children, and defend God's future adults, who are our children today. We need someone who will not take God's rules out of our schools and capitols.

We as parents and Christians, need to protect our future by voting for the one that our Lord and Savior wants in office.We need to stand together and put the leadership of God in our White house and his leadership for our nation.


In the past our forefathers believed, "One Nation Under God." We Christians need to believe in God, and he will not let us fall.

So people, Christians, pray and decide who you will vote for as president of the United States on your knees.

I am a God-fearing Republican.

Barbara Wiechart


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