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September 26, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

When the local book club called The Angle of Repose read "Rivers of Kentucky," the members decided to invite the authors, David and Lalie Dick to their meeting. "We thought it would be neat to have ... the authors join us for dinner and discuss the book," said Linda Barnard.

The group knew the couple lived near Paris, Ky., but it took Greg Barnard two weeks of searching to find the e-mail address. The invitation went out and the club was quite excited to have the invitation accepted, especially since this is the 10th year the readers have been together.

The Barnards hosted the group at their home Monday. Other members are Jan and Larry Scott, Cheryl and Gary Gibson and Evelyn Guerrant.

"To say the least, it was a wonderful evening," Mrs. Barnard said.

After dining on a Kentucky dinner that included striped bass from Lake Cumberland, dove, fresh green beans, peach cobbler and Kentucky wine from Midway, the readers topped off the evening by hearing Dick read passages from the book.


"It was a true celebration," Mrs. Barnard said.

And it isn't as if there aren't more David Dick books to read. On Wednesday, he was at Joseph-Beth Bookstore in Lexington autographing copies of his newest work, "Jesse Stuart: The Heritage."

KET rerunning program on Ayoroa

KET is rerunning the "Kentucky Life" program that featured the art of the late Rudy Ayoroa, who moved to Danville in 1981.

Ayoroa, a native of Bolivia, was an internationally known painter, sculptor and printmaker. The show includes excerpts from videos showing the artist at work and enjoying horseback riding.

In addition for his kinetic, three-dimensional work, Ayoroa developed an interest in the Civil War and completed 30 paintings.

The program can be seen Saturday at 8:30 p.m. and Oct. 3 at 4:30 p.m., both on KET1.

Random Act of Kindness

A Danville resident went to Wal-Mart last week looking for one (count it one) 5-gallon bucket of driveway sealer. She had called before going to make sure they had it in stock. When she arrived, a clerk told her there had been 10 on the shelf, but a customer had just come in and bought all 10.

She had plans to do her driveway the next day. Keith, the clerk, said more were expected in a shipment about 11 p.m., mentioning that the man who bought the 10 also needed to come back for more.

The woman asked the clerk to see if the man would let her have one, since he already was planning to make a second trip. Keith agreed and returned with the requested 5-gallon bucket of sealer. "He even took it to my car."

So there were two good deeds that day. The clerk and the good neighbor who gave up one of his 10 buckets.

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