Before saving the world, maybe we need to save ourselves

September 27, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am an American citizen and very proud to be so. However, I must take this opportunity to state what so many Americans are failing to realize. George Bush does not need to be in office. Shall I say it again? He does not need to be in office.

As we embark on our holier than thou stand on world globalization, must we forget the rights we have denied here in the good ol' U.S.A.?

Bush has demonstrated that if given the chance, he would be just as ruthless as Saddam Hussein. Eighty-seven percent of Death Row inmates had information that would free them but Bush upheld small-town law enforcement that clearly abused powers.


Neil Bush robbed billions in the savings and loan scandal while Martha Stewart harmed no one.

Bush's association with Enron? Why aren't the authorities seeking charges on him?

An interracial couple still cannot travel this land lest the couple be threatened by native-born terrorists that promote hate, separatist views, and ignorance! Remember Timothy McVey was not from the Middle East; he was a terrorist from our nation. Bush refused to sign any hate crime bills or civil rights bills as governor of Texas. Why? Because he is an elitist who has no concern for the well-being of the American population. I am amazed at the minority support that he receives.

Bush's Every Teacher Left Behind uh, that's "No Child Left Behind," is a sure-fire way to promote vouchers so that the wealthy do not have to pay their way at the expense of the middle class.

When shall we awake? Abortion Bush says save a life to degrade and subjugate them to a life of low wages, no promotions, racial and social discrimination, just to bellow that he is morally superior. As Bush alienate the U.S. from the world, I wonder what will become of us in the future? Will there be a U.S.?

Before saving the world, maybe we need to save ourselves?

Tai D. Doram


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