Danville awards contract for cemetery landscaping

September 28, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Landscaping at Danville cemeteries will be done by Devine Creations. The $43,410 contract was approved Monday by Danville City Commission.

Local residents have made a strong showing at recent public meetings to ask the city to take better care of the cemeteries.

They have complained that headstones have been covered with grass clippings, trash cans have overflowed and there has been late night traffic because gates aren't locked at dusk.

Commissioner Jamey Gay said he appreciates the staff's efforts to do a better job at the cemeteries, by hiring a contractor.


Commissioners Chester Kavanaugh and Ryan Owens paid for an advertisement in The Kentucky Advocate on Sunday that says they support keeping the office at Bellevue Cemetery accessible to the public, and building brick bathrooms and a storage facility at Hilldale Cemetery.

No mention of the pledges was made at the meeting.

Asked before the meeting how the improvements would be paid for, Owens referred to Kavanaugh who said that the city manager would look for the money.

During the meeting, Kavanaugh asked City Manager Darrell Blenniss if he had investigated whether temporary help hired by the city is paying taxes. Blenniss said that they weren't, but the city has started to collect taxes from the employees.

Commissioner Terry Crowley said he believes the city needs to review the aesthetics of the cemeteries, the city's role and expense for burials, and the sale of plots and record-keeping.

"It's about more than mowing and blowing grass off of stones," Crowley said, adding that the city needs to review all the functions of the cemetery.

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