Teachers should quit crying and be thankful

September 28, 2004

Dear Editor:

Never in my life have I heard such whining from grownups. I am refering to the crybabies in the education system of Kentucky.

I went to Kentucky schools and from my experience I think teachers in Kentucky are overpaid. I have children who attend Kentucky schools and I still feel that way.

Teachers are complaining that premiums are going up. Well, take a look around: Everything is going up. Have you bought groceries or gas lately?


I think a few people, namely teachers, need to be thankful for what they have. Some of us are not so lucky as to even have health insurance. I have several health problems that go untreated for this very reason, yet I am not whining on the news and in the newspapers as you are.

If you want to have everything handed to you, then educate our children while they are in school so that Kentucky will not rank as one of the lowest states in the nation as far as education goes.

Remember that there is always someone in worse shape than you. Quit your crying and be thankful.

Matthew Hollins


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