Kentucky teachers overpaid? That's nonsense

September 30, 2004

Dear Editor:

A letter in the "Voice of the people" section of Tuesday's Advocate stated unequivocally that Kentucky teachers are overpaid. I would be very interested in knowing what vast research the author of that article conducted in forming his conclusion. My guess is none.

I wonder if our teachers consider themselves over paid when they:

1. Spend their own money to purchase classroom supplies because their annual allotment of $100 (as is the case at Toliver) doesn't cover the costs of those supplies.

2. Spend countless hours at night documenting student evaluations, planning lessons, etc.

3. Attend weekly committee meetings outside of school hours without pay.

4. Buy individual school supplies for students whose parents refuse to purchase those supplies for their own children.

5. Support and attend PTO functions outside of school hours.

6. Remain after school with students, because the students' parents fail to pick them up.


7. Get verbally and physically abused by students that should have long ago been expelled from the system.

Whether or not teachers should be complaining about the vast changes in healthcare benefits is a topic appropriate for debate. Stating unequivocally that they are overpaid is preposterous nonsense.

Craig Butler


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