Vaught's Views: Cleaning out the e-mail bag

October 01, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Today seems like a perfect day to empty out an overflowing e-mail bag with some of the best information I've had from readers this week:

* From Chris Rooney of New York, the uncle of Boyle County athlete Patrick Barsotti who was diagnosed with leukemia last week:

"My mother called me to let me know that the column (about Barsotti) was on your Web site. I read it right away and it brought both a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. I live in upstate New York. It's been a difficult few days, as I've been wishing I could be there in Kentucky to be with Patrick and his family.

"Reading your description of Patrick and the soccer game (that he played in the night before his diagnosis) made me feel a little closer. I believe in the power of prayer, and the more people praying for Patrick the better. Thank you for getting the story out there."


No thanks needed because this is a story that we all needed to hear not only to remind us how precious every day should be, but also so we could do all we can to help Barsotti combat this illness.

* From former Kentucky quarterback Antonio O'Ferral on UK's selling the throwback uniforms that will be worn Saturday against Ohio to benefit the Trent DiGiuro Memorial Scholarship:

"The effort to support the scholarship with this auction is outstanding, and I'd like to thank whoever thought of it. Trent was my roommate, close friend and teammate (at Kentucky) and we miss him dearly. We continue to stay very close to his family and know this will touch their hearts."

DiGiuro, an offensive guard, died after being shot in July 1994. Since then, UK has funded a scholarship to benefit either a walk-on football player or student manager or trainer.

The on-line auction will start Sunday at noon and continue through Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. on The minimum bid for a jersey and pair of pants is $100. Helmets are not included in the auction.

* From Mark Ebert of Floyds Knob, Ind., on Kentucky's struggling offense and basketball Big Blue Madness:

"I might be wrong but I think UK's offense can be summed up this way. When the game plan works (Indiana), it works. When the game plan does not work (Louisville, Florida), offensive coordinator Ron Hudson doesn't know what to do. Against Florida, UK came out moving the ball and then was shut down when Florida made adjustments. Where was Plan B for Hudson? It would seem that UK will be talented enough to execute against Ohio, so the game plan may be successful.

"I know it's only three games, but I find it interesting that UK gives up fewer points when it loses (24) than when it wins (32). UK's scoring average is also ridiculous when you look at averages of 1.5 points per game in a loss and 51 points in a win.

"I also read your column on UK's Big Blue Madness and the only thing I would say is I still think Patrick Sparks could turn out to be more important than Chuck Hayes."

No argument about the Kentucky offense, except in my opinion the biggest part of the problem at Florida last week was that quarterback Shane Boyd did not play well. As for Sparks and Hayes, it might be 50-50 on who will be the most important but there is no denying that they could be the two biggest keys to UK's Final Four hopes.

* This came from live mail (the kind folks over 50 without computer skills deliver), but it's still significant. Butch Taylor of Danville will miss his first Danville football game in 24 years tonight when the Admirals play at Owen County. Seems like he's letting a business conference interrupt his normal priority.

But think about that. Twenty-four years without missing a game? That's an amazing feat.

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