Voting deadlines approaching

absentee guidelines explained

October 03, 2004

National, state and local elections will be held Nov. 2. The Kentucky deadline to register to vote or change addresses on a registration is Monday. Applications for a paper ballot to be sent in the mail must be filled out and returned to county clerks' offices by Oct. 26.

Absentee voting on the machine can be done at county clerks offices until Nov. 1 at the close of business for that office. Check with local county clerks for their business hours.

Kentucky residents can vote absentee on a voting machine if they are:

* Planning to be out of the county on election day.

* A pregnant woman in her third trimester.

* Members or employees of the county board of elections, deputy clerk, alternate precinct officer or appointed to a precinct other than the one in which they are registered.

* Members of the armed forces who will be confined to base within the county on election day, and learns of that confinement within seven days or less of the election.


* Students at school outside of the county of your voter registration, who will be absent from the county on election day.

* Scheduled to have surgery, or the spouse of someone who is scheduled to have surgery that requires hospitalization on election day.

Kentucky residents can absentee vote by paper ballot if they are:

* Unable to come to the polls because age, disability, illness or medical emergency prevent them.

* Members of the military or a dependent of someone in the military.

* Military personnel confined to a military base on election day.

* Temporarily living overseas, but are still eligible to vote in Kentucky.

* Students at school outside the county of their registration.

* Living outside the state temporarily, but still eligible to vote in Kentucky.

* Working outside the country, and unable to vote early in the county clerk's office or at the polls.

In Boyle County the clerk's office will be open 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m. on Monday, 8:30 a.m. -4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 9 a.m. -noon on two Saturdays, Oct. 23 and Oct. 30 for absentee voting on the machine.

Three precincts in Boyle County have changed polling places. Voters in the Lancaster Road precinct, who used to vote at the Christian Church on Lexington Road, will now vote at Indian Hills Christian Church.

Voters who used to vote at Danville High School will now vote at the Christian Church on Lexington Road.

Voters who used to vote at Church of God on Fourth Street, the Centre College precinct, will now vote at the Presbyterian Church on Main Street.

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