Vote 'No' on same-sex marriage amendment

October 03, 2004

Dear Editor:

This election year, we are going to see two new boxes on our ballots, one that says "Yes" and another one that says "No."

What I am talking about is the Kentucky constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Gay people aren't asking for any special rights; we're just asking for our rights. We really do want to be able to be married, but we will settle for our civil rights.

Imagine a world where a woman's husband dies, and all the pension funds, all the Social Security benefits, and all of the inheritance rights are cancelled because the law says: "Only men have that right."


I can't imagine having much to leave to my "significant other" but I should be able to, just like everybody else.

Our "significant other" has taken care of us when we were sick.

Our "significant other" has paid a bill or two for us when we were off work.

Our "significant other" has cared for us when no one else noticed or cared.

Our "significant other" has drawn our bath when our backs ached.

Our "significant other" has held us and soothed us when people in our workplace made fun of us.

Our "significant other" has pulled thorns from our hands.

Our "significant other" has been there for us when our families should have.

Our "significant other" has taken care of our families, when we could not.

Our "significant other" has been the love of our lives, and our children's lives.

Love does not come in color, it does not come in race, it does not come in language, and love does not come in gender.

God obviously had a sense of humor when He created us, otherwise we would all be white, speak English, eat the same foods, walk and talk the same way, drive the same cars, and agree with each other at family get-togethers and business meetings. How boring a life would be if everybody was just like me.

Back to the subject at hand: an amendment to ban same-sex marriages.

One in 10 Americans is gay. If Danville had, let's say, 15,000 residents, that would mean that 1,500 of us are gay. If your family has 30 people in it, three are gay.

I know you know who is gay in your family. Don't you love and cherish them? Haven't they brought joy to your lives? I know you want them to be happy, because you love them. Then, why on God's great Earth would you wish them ill?

Please vote "NO" to the Kentucky Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Let us not put a hate amendment into a constitution that gave us our rights.

Remember, Monday is the last day to register to vote.

Please, God, bless us all.

Debby Gundy


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