Kerry can't do any worse than Bush

October 04, 2004

Dear Editor:

This letter is especially written to the Democrats out there that may be saying "Well, maybe I won't bother to go vote in November."

I get so upset when I hear these insinuations about Democrats being such bad people. The Democrats didn't take us into Iraq, the Republicans did.

The Democrats haven't caused the deficits to rise billions of dollars. The Republicans did that also.

When Bill Clinton left the presidential office, he left over $4 billion in surplus money. The Republican have spent or given that money away - on the war, so they say. They have cut programs that helped people, many of which benefited children and the elderly. That also went for the war effort. The veterans are having cutbacks. Also, this Republican president says job outsourcing is good for America. More jobs have been lost on Bush's watch than any president since the Great Depression. Everyone knows when jobs go, the taxes from our paychecks don't go into the till to run the country, pay for wars, all kinds of programs, things we need money for here at home. Also they have given away so much money in those tax breaks to the richest people in the country. The little people barely got enough to matter.


Also, the Republicans act like if you're a Democrat you don't have God on your side, and you had better not vote a Democratic ticket if you're a born-again Christian.

When America went into Afghanistan the whole world was on our side; everyone knew it had to be that way. Now, we're hated in the world more than any other time in history. World leaders tried to tell this president he was making a tragic mistake.

Also, he is the one that said, "Bring 'em on." Now more than 1,000 of our best, young, beautiful servicemen have died, not to mention the thousands that have been wounded. I have eight grandsons and I don't want them to die in Iraq. I'm very angry about the way things are over there.

Please, Democrats, get out there on Nov. 2 and cast your vote for Kerry-Edwards.

Maybe Kerry won't be the greatest president ever, but one thing I know, he can't do any worse than the one in office now.

Mrs. T. Sims


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