Magistrate buys county's first dog tag

October 06, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Boyle County Magistrate Phil Sammons made good on a promise to buy the first dog tag in the county for his 12-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, Ginger.

When the county recently revised its 25-year-old dog ordinance, Sammons said that he had never bought a tag for his dog. The state recently gave the power to license pets to cities and counties.

In Boyle County, a license is $5 for unneutered dogs and $3 for neutered dogs. Kennel licenses for people with four to 10 dogs are $20, and $30 for 10 or more dogs. Licenses must be renewed each year during July or within 30 days of acquiring the dog to be licensed.

Dog owners who don't display the license tag on their dogs face a $15 fine per dog, and $100 fine for kennels.


Judge-Executive Tony Wilder has said that only 15 percent of the dog owners in the county bought the $1.50 license when it was administered by the state. Magistrates have said they want better enforcement of the licenses this year.

Sammons was proud to pay $5 for his license. He claimed that Ginger was fixed, but couldn't prove it. Dan Turcea, manager of the animal shelter, wrote him a receipt.

Where they can be purchased

License tags may be bought at:

* Wilder's office in the Boyle County Courthouse.

* Danville-Boyle County Humane Society.

* Animal Medical Center.

* Danville Animal Clinic.

* Heartland Veterinary Hospital.

* Nash, Cleveland and Godfrey veterinarians.

* Wilderness Trace Veterinary Clinic.

For more information, call the humane society at (859) 238-1117.

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