It would be a grave mistake to change presidents

October 08, 2004

Dear Editor:

For the record, let me state that I am a registered Democrat, and always have been. I have even been guilty of voting a straight ticket in past elections. I don't feel I have that luxury any more.

I think that it would be a grave mistake to change presidents at this time. President Bush has chosen competent military leaders. My only criticism is that he has not allowed them to pursue their objective in a more aggressive way. The leadership of Iraq was a weapon of mass destruction in its own right. I think this was justification for President Bush to take the course of action that he chose. War is not a nice thing and it is not possible to change a country to our way of life until that country has been totally defeated. In trying to be the nice guy, we have lost over 1,000 American lives, not in a major battle, but one or two at a time to small groups of insurgents and terrorists.


It all goes back to a basic rule of war and that is: Never threaten to do something until you are fully prepared to follow through. The enemy must believe this. An example of this rule of engagement would apply to those took refuge in a religious site and continued to organize resistance, taking several lives in the process.

If we had stated to them that we were going to level the building in 24 hours, giving them the chance to move the women and children to a safe place, what do you think would happen. If they truly believed the threat, they would stay and die or give up. Either way, the situation would have been handled to completion and would have come to an end.

This situation would only happen a couple of times before we would be in total control. Then, and only then, would be the time for being a nice guy and reconstruction.

We live in difficult times and are asked to make difficult decisions. I encourage everyone to vote their conscience not because of an affiliation to a particular party.

Jack L. Shepherd


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