Net Xpress: Reader is frustrated with Norton Antivirus problems

October 11, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Time to take a peek into the mailbag. I received an e-mail from a reader having troubles during an antivirus software installation.

Sharon writes: "I have spent hours trying to install Norton AntiVirus 2004 CD, bought directly from Symantec. My computer runs Windows ME and I have never had problems before installing Norton on a yearly basis. I'm exhausted from being endlessly on hold at Symantec or getting non-pertinent tips from their Web site.

Do you have any thoughts on Panda or other anti virus protection?..."

My response: Norton suggests several things to do before installing its antivirus software. The full list of pre-install tasks can be found on its site.

Among those are running a virus check, uninstalling any previously installed antivirus programs, including Norton Antivirus, deleting temp files, defragging your hard drive and closing all other programs prior to the installation.


I personally have never used Panda. I like AntiVir ( and I've also used AVG ( Both are simple installations, easy to update and they do a great job. Best of all - they are FREE.

Quick tip: Resizing windows

If it's hard to tell the difference between minimized and maximized windows when you click on the middle square located in the top right-hand corner of an open window, try the following tip.

1. Make sure the middle box shows one box. It represents maximize.

2. Put your mouse on a corner until you see arrows pointing in opposite directions.

3. While holding down the left button on the mouse, slowly move it toward the center of the screen to the size you wish to be your minimized size.

4. Click on the middle square showing one box in the upper right hand corner of the screen to maximize your window.

VoIP update

* Earthlink, a leading Internet service provider, has launched its free voice over IP service. The service, called EarthLink Free Online Calling, will enable subscribers of Earthlink's high-speed service to make free VoIP calls. The service will offer unlimited calls to other SIP users, including those on SIPphone and Free World Dialup.

Subscribers must have a computer headset or an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to access the service. Subscribers using a headset can connect to the service via the Xten X-Lite softphone, an easy-to-install dialer.

Other dialer features include speed dial, caller ID, three-way calling, hold capability, a detailed online call log and online signup and account management.

Learn more about the service at and

Linux update

* Novell has announced that its Linux product, SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional version, will be released in November. The new version will include the latest Linux Kernel 2.6.8, X Window System, KDE version 3.3, GNOME 2.6. Other features of the new release include a redesign of network services such as Samba, DNS and DHCP for ease of use. Read more.

Net buzzz

* The U.S. House of Representatives passed the anti-spyware bill H.R. 2929 prohibiting phishing, keystroke logging, home-page hijacking, and ads that require a complete system shutdown to close. Offenders could face civil penalties of up to $3 million. Learn more.

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