Around Town: Danville man finds friend's Navy buddy

October 11, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

The odds weren't in Donald Carter's court when it came to the Pepsi Challenge. But he beat the odds when it came to locating a friend's Navy buddy -- without even trying.

While in California with the other finalists hoping to win the $1 million Pepsi Challenge prize, Carter and his wife, Isabel, made it a point to meet the other contestants. One morning, the talk with a table companion turned to the obvious, "We're from Kentucky, where are you from?"

Jim Layton is from Maine and said he had served for two years in Puerto Rico with a man from Danville. Of course, the Carters asked for his name: Ray William Price.

The Carters happen to be friends with Ray Price and his wife, Annetta. After returning to Danville, they immediately called Price to see if he was one and the same.


Price said he had been trying to track down Layton for 10 years, but had been searching in New York state, where Layton was from.

With the new information, he was able to get Layton's telephone number using the Internet. Plans are already in place for the two to get together when Price next visits his daughter in Tennessee.

Carter said it is hard to image that he and Layton actually met each other. The contest had 14 million entries and from that number only 200 were selected to go to California for the finals.

Danville woman wins $25,000 award

Liz Orndorff of Danville has won a $25,000 Power of Purpose Award in a worldwide competition.

Orndorff won for "The Bathroom Cleaner." The story was inspired by a column by Merlene Davis of the Herald-Leader that told about one Colored Women's Club that took care of a bathroom in a downtown beauty shop from the 1930s through the 1950s for use by blacks, then "colored folks," who were downtown shopping and had no other place to go.

The story can be read online at Look for Orndorff's name in the list of winners.

There were over 7,000 entries from 97 countries in the competition sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. There were 19 winners in the competition. Orndorff was one of four winners in the $25,000 category.

When she isn't writing, Orndorff is active in West T. Hill Community Theatre, The Presbyterian Church, Meals on Wheels and the Boyle County Public Library.

Penn's Store is a jaw-dropper

Penn's Store, home to the Great Outhouse Blowout, ranks right up there with the Drive-In Christian Church, Coral Castle, The Crossroads, Prabhupada's Palace of Gold and Pedro and his South of the Border.

MSNBC lists "59 Jaw-dropping Roadside Attractions" by region. Of course, Penn's Store is a little off the beaten path and not as likely to be spotted driving by.

A historic country store that holds outhouse races isn't any stranger than a castle made out of coral after Ed Leedskalnin's true love left him just before the wedding or the pilgrimage center in West Virginia made from marble, onyx and crystal.

Many who have traveled I-95 to Florida likely are familiar with South of the Border, or at least its roadside signs.

To learn about the other jaw droppers, go to

Random Act of Kindness

Joan Stafford of Danville shared this project that her granddaughters participated in. They live in Michigan.

Their church got together its high, middle and elementary school church groups for an "act of love" at the University of Michigan.

The weekend of rush parties, the youngsters cleaned the bathrooms of the fraternity houses.

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