Beware, John Kerry is downright scary

October 11, 2004

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Randy Scholtz for the letter, "...Voting for Bush." I totally agree and hope others will forget political parties to vote for the best man, George W. Bush.

I am the spouse of a retired serviceman. Those of us who lost family, friends, and acquaintances during the Vietnam War remember Kerry well. We definitely do not need such a person in charge of our military as well as this great United States of America.

Many people have lost their lives during the present war, but I feel the war was necessary for the future safety of our country and the future of foreign countries.


For those people who have an opinion that Bush forgot about Bin Laden, they are not thinking reasonably, just opinionating. Have no fear: Bin Laden and his gang have always been at the top of the list to be deactivated.

I thank God every day that George W. Bush is our president and will continue my thankfulness when he is re-elected .

Beware, Kerry is downright scary.

Leona O'Banion


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