Casey High gives parents easier access to grades

October 12, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Students beware. Your parents now have easier access to grades at Casey County High School.

Principal Tim Goodlett told the Board of Education Monday that parents with students attending CCHS now have instant access to their child's grades.

He said teachers are required to put grades twice a week in a new computer program that allows his office access to the grades. "We can print out the grades instantly for all classes that will explain how students are performing," he told the board.

"It shows grading in each class. If we see low numbers, we can tell parents," said Goodlett, who is pleased with the new grading system.


He urged parents to call the school to check on their child's grades. They can ask for a report and come by the school and pick up a print-out of the grades. Goodlett said parents have been notified of the new system.

Before the new system, Goodlett said when a parent called, a teacher would have to be called and manually add the grades.

"This also is easier for teachers to notice if a student is not performing properly," he said.

Cameras focused on the board

In other matters, the cameras were focused on the school board Monday as librarian Dale Hoskins and three of her crew with WRED-TV covered the board meeting. The film will be shown today on the local cablevision channel.

She said the school TV program, which began last year, lost two senior students and has two new students this year. New editing equipment also has been purchased.

"Any minute one of the students has time, they're in here (the TV studio near the library) working," she said.

She praised their work in covering the annual apple festival and said two of them talked a helicopter pilot into taking them up for aerial shots of the festivities in downtown Liberty.

"They've learned a lot, and I've learned a lot," said Hoskins.

Three students were filming the meeting. A.J. Campbell, who creates lighting designs and is lead news photographer; Seth Dixon, master control technician who does studio interviews; and Patrick Helm, technical director and general manager, who works behind the scenes.

Helm said he likes his job because he tells everyone else what to do. His plans are for a career as a technical director for a television station.

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