Liberty agrees to check water problem

October 14, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - After several discussions on water problems at the Ressie Grider and Breece Hayes properties on Randolph Street, the City Council agreed Wednesday night to do something that might correct the water flow.

Grider and her attorney Greg Dunn said there were no problems with flooding until the city put in a larger tile near her property.

However, Mayor Steve Sweeney thinks the problem may not be with the city but that 50-gallon barrels linked together were used as a drain pipe underneath a barn on the Grider property. He told Grider that before the garage was built, her late husband used the barrels as a drain pipe.

He said the barrels may have collapsed causing the water to have no place to go. The mayor said that water has always run under Middleburg Street where the larger tile was installed and through a ravine toward the river.


"If the drums have collapsed, you need to replace them with a tile," the mayor said. "If you put in a new tile and you still experience water problems, then we'll do what we can."

When Dunn asked the mayor what made him think the drums have collapsed, Sweeney said the city workers have looked at the area and it seems to be clear up to Hayes office, then stands toward the Grider building. Sweeney also said the water is not stopped up on city property near by.

A motion by Councilman Barry Davis to dig under the building to determine what is causing the problem was passed. If the drums have fallen in, it's up to Grider to make the repairs.

The city maintenance crew will do the work, and if the city decides it's a city problem, Sweeney said the city will do whatever it can to help resolve the problem.

Other matters

In other matters, the city set the tax rate for 2004-2005, and approved a loan resolution for a sewer line to be installed from the city to Dunnville for Tarter Gate Co.

The tax rate is .1997 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for real property and personal property, and .2080 cents for motor vehicles.

The sewer line to Dunnville will be constructed with a $383,000 loan from Rural Development Agency, and a $382,000 grant.

The loan will be repaid by Tarter Gate, which needs the sewer system for plant operations.

Sweeney also said smoke tests have been completed, and between 50 and 60 leaks have been found on private property. Residents with surface water draining into the city's sewer system will be notified.

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